Past Event

Feb 9 2013
3663 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV


Solo w/ Cabo Uno.


Show 8:00PM.

2pm Friday - This just in from the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Vegas: Hey Redheads... those who are planning on attending the 3rd Anniversary show tomorrow night in Vegas, an announcement will be made at the Cabo Wabo Las Vegas at 5pm (02/08/13) regarding the ticket/wristband distribution. Don't be late!!

Cabo Uno (the house band from the Cabo Wabo) will be performing at the Las Vegas Cabo Wabo Cantina the 7th, 8th & 9th to celebrate the cantina's 3rd Anniversary.

To close things out, Sammy will hop on stage and perform a couple tunes with them on the 9th.



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 13 Redhead Comments

Trixie Hagar's picture

Wow! Well sounds like they've greatly improved things since my last attempt. Thats awesome, now I know what to expect next time! Thanks for the update, I will no longer think negatively!! lol's picture

We were there and it was sooooo worth the wait! Sammy and Cabo Uno put on an awesome show! We got in line at 5:30 am Sat. And they began handing out wristbands at 8 am, we were able to grab tables inside the Cantina for the wait, the Cantina staff were so friendly and helpful! Sat. Night were got in line a little before 5 pm and had a blast meeting other Redheads! We were first in line so we were able to be front and center next to the stage. Sammy came on and threw a rockin' party! He showed his love for the fans! He signed my St. Louis KSHE-95 Redfest shirt, and grabbed my hand & blew me a kiss when he was leaving the stage. Thank you Sammy, you made this Redheads Day!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie & Dan I'd really love it if you could send me your show pics to, thank you!!

Also to the fan who showed me the pic he took of Sammy blowing me a kiss, I'd love to get a copy, could you send it to me?

Terri & Rick Stevenson
Campbell Hill, IL

songbuff's picture

I was there and yes, we DID commit to wait all night Friday for wristbands. It was a wonderful surprise to see Sammy Friday night! My hubby got a photo with him, too! Those of us who waited since the 5pm line started recieved our wristbands around midnight. It was great to go get some sleep! We were back in line Saturday around 5pm & got front row for the show that night!!!
Granted, things were a little confusing at first, but the wait was well worth it!!
Great weekend in Vegas thanks to Sammy and the Cabo Wabo Cantina!
~Stephanie & Dan Hanlin
Byron, IL

admin's picture

Hi Redheads - we have this message below to share regarding comments about the show and how wrist bands were handed out:

Marco Monroy (Sammy’s partner at the Cantina) here……… just to clarify the last few posts. Indeed the line started forming at 5 pm on Friday but bracelets were not given away. An announcement was made that the line for wristbands would be inside the Cantina and that the lines would be closed when max capacity was reached. Why would we make somebody stand in line all night to not get a wristband? Everyone that got in line was treated Friday night to a surprise appearance by Sammy that played for 45 minutes. With a first come first serve basis for wristbands there will always be a line regardless of the time they are given away. This time the line was inside the Cantina and nobody had to camp on the street with the cold weather. I personally gave wristbands away at 8 am on Saturday morning. People that arrived at 7.55 am Saturday morning were able to get a wristband and enjoyed a great how last night.

Trixie Hagar's picture

I totally agree with the last post. The Cabo Wabo Vegas is always unorganized when it comes to these things, I have many experiences with this, and I live here in Las Vegas.

SO, come to find out yesterday at the last minute (5pm) there is already a line forming and they will start giving wristbands away when it reaches full capacity (whatever that is??). Totally unfair to us people planning on getting up early and/or taking the day off of work to be there to get in line!!

I love Sammy more than anything (hence my user name LOL) and now I am unable to go since I wasn't prepared to rush down there yesterday @ 5pm or anytime after that. Very disappointing, but like I said, I'm used to it with them and I guess I should have been better prepared. Now, I refuse to even go down there to "attempt" to get inside...Oh well, next time (maybe)!

I'm pretty sure all of us are not in high school anymore and do not feel the need to HAVE to camp out outside for concert tickets let alone practically forced to, especially when the world is far more advanced now and there are many more alternative ways to go about this.

dcrtripod's picture

Some Redheads will be in line for all night. I was there for the opening. Many were in line for 24 hours. Freezing through the night. Than people showed up just as they were giving out the wrist bands the next day. They got them without waiting in line. Many were scrutinized for leaving their spouse there while they used the bathroom in their hotel or to get out of the cold for a couple hours. Some like myself have health conditions that make it difficult next to impossible to stay out on the street overnight. Why not let us come in Friday or Sat and get a number or sign in. Let us go into the Cabo Wabo and enjoy lunch and or dinner. Instead of being outside in the line. Redheads could plan an event together some where Friday. Let some of us enjoy time in Vegas with our SO's and family. Many spend hundreds a night on a room for the weekend. Instead the event puts us on the streets all night freezing and being looked at by passers by. Sammy is a tremendous singer/entertainer/person. Why put your fans through this?!! It's true, my wife doesn't feel this way. She would line up for a week outside to see Sammy sing a few songs one night. I do this for her since I love her and want her happy. It makes it difficult for redheads and their families. There has to be a better way.'s picture

Coming in from Lake Havasu. Handing out wristbands at 8 in the morning seems a little rough. Why can't the Redheads get on a list like we did for the Rum Bash at Club Vinyl, it was so easy. Show some love for the Redheads! The website say's wristbands at 9 but when I called CWLV they said 8. Gotta get it right if you want us to be there that early.

robbt027's picture

Bummed that this will take place one week after I am in Vegas. I head to Vegas for the Super Bowl and last year took my friends to the Cantina for lunch and they all said that we have to go back again. Bummer this is going to be the following week. It has been to long since I have see Sammy perform and having withdrawals in Omaha NE.

stratman's picture

I'm going to TRY and go... depends on Patti's condition and work schedule...

exsell2112's picture

Have fun at the show. I will be in Cabo Feb 15th - 22nd and I hope that Sammy decides to go "home" and play a show or two at the Cantina while I'm there. Gonna try to get to the Cabowabo every night.

songbuff's picture

Flying out from Chicago to see Sammy!
Can't wait!

nannettee078's picture

way excited : ) lets hope it's not as cold as it was last time !!! I think it was 27 degrees, I remember going to CVS to buy hand warmers- lol so worth it

brenda5150's picture

That's my birthday! I've seen Sammy on HIS birthday numerous times, but I've never seen Sammy on MY Birthday before. Super excited!!!