Past Event

Jan 20 2013
7777 N Highway 81
Concho, OK


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.


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  • 2013-01-20 @ Lucky Star Casino in Event Centre


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 12 Redhead Comments

kodeman17's picture

awesome show!!!

natvtxn's picture

Great show!

hus5150's picture

Is there a pre party anywhere?

leeme2000's picture

Bought GA tickets for this venue. Can't wait to rock with the Red Rocker! Does anyone know if there are seats for general admission? Any tips on how early to be there?

actionpackhtlr's picture

I know the V.I.P. will be up close this time,i know the management.It will be awesome!

admin's picture

tx5150351 - there is no presale for this show & tickets are available now.

tx5150351's picture

Anyone know how the presale is going to work? Where do we get the password?

Thanks for the help!

What about a pre-party? Would love to meet up with some other Redheads before the show.

JamiefromKS's picture

Oh I hope the seating for this venue is better than it was back in 2010! Horrible! Paid for "VIP" but was more like overcharged for the worst seats in the venue!

Mandy Buck's picture

How is the VIP going to be? Please let me know at

INION's picture

VIP Seating will be different this time, thank goodness!

actionpackhtlr's picture

I am so in,what an awesome suprize!