Past Event

May 29 2012
Bayou Music Center
520 Texas Ave.
Houston, TX




Show 9:00PM.
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 6  Redhead Comments

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Best show in ALL the land...I certainly will NEVER forget it!!!!

ktanton's picture

26 days and counting....I am finally gonna get to meet my teenage crash at 50 - YooHoo...I met so many way cool Redheads at the Woodlands 2 years ago - please post the party plans for Houston cause you can count me in!!!! Backstage WITH a pass this year!!!! So excited in Austin Texas!!! The 29th cant get here fast enough!!!

arnoldsj316's picture

Hey Ken I'm down. I'll send you my number in a PM when we the show gets closer.

ktanton's picture

I sprung for the meet and greet tickets this year and I am so excited - dont know exactly what to expect but all I know is I think and hope (for $550.00 bucks) I will get to finally meet long dream will finally be fulfilled....I cant wait till May 29th...YooHoo

Soooo Siked in Austin

kenj044's picture

Will be there, however I not falling for the VIP tickets again. No seating in main floor. You do get early with that ticket. The last time they were here people rushed the stage and pushed people out of the way to get close. Great concert though. Anybody want to meet before the show to hang send me a message.

ktanton's picture

Anyone know how much VIP tickets will be for this show???