Past Event

May 12 2012
175 N. State Street
Chicago, IL




Show 9:00PM.
To view and upload photos and videos from this show, please also visit the Chickenfoot community at


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 5  Redhead Comments

bacci's picture

Great concert!!!!!!!!!!!! Sammy & Chickenfoot ROCK.

sunrhino's picture

ATTN: I have tickets to this event for sale on stub hub! I have a family emergency and CANNOT MAKE IT!! I need to sell! Please go to and they are MAIN FLOOR 4 L row H!! Pretty good seats! I am asking $176 for the pair (together). THANKS!!!!

hallway7's picture

Taking my juicy lil red rocker,Teresa.See ya front center in Chicago !

sunrhino's picture

My best friend and I are going! She's never seen Sammy before! I hope we get to meet him, especially since i named my brand new son Sammy :)

mannym032's picture

I'm in the front of the line! WHO'S NEXT?! Com'on FOOT soldiers, i've both hands on the wheel and my BIGFOOT on the gas!