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May 10 2011




Show 8:00PM.

About Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp

May 10-15, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Campâ„¢ is the ultimate music experience. For the novice and the expert, the amateur and the aficionado, we make rock n' roll dreams come true. Simply stated, our mission is to bring people's musical fantasies to life!

Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Campâ„¢ is a one-of-a-kind event that brings music lovers of all levels together with rock 'n roll stars - and that brings those music lovers the unforgettable opportunity to move from spectator to a member of the band, sharing the stage, sharing the limelight with living legends.

As a participant in a Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Campâ„¢, you are treated like a rock star. You'll live the rock n' roll lifestyle day in and day out, learning or perfecting your knowledge of an instrument, practicing and jamming with your band mates and learning the ins and outs of the music business - all in the company of some of music's brightest stars.

Don't play an instrument? Don't worry! Hey, even Slash was new to the guitar at one point. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Campâ„¢ welcomes musicians of all levels - from those who can riff with the best of them to those who've never touched an instrument. Depending on your skill level and interest, you may try picking up a Gibson guitar during your time at camp, or you may spend your time singing backup vocals or playing tambourine with the band. You'll also have the opportunity to partake in music business classes, which will give you an inside look at how the industry works.

Admit've always wanted to be able to say, "I'm with the band" and mean it! Your chance to do just that is NOW!

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Campâ„¢:

  • Small group instruction from celebrity musicians
  • Campers are placed in a band with a rock star counselor for the entire duration of camp. We place you in a band based on all of the information your provide upon registration - i.e. musical preferences, skill level, etc.
  • Write and record an original song with your band!
  • Perform live on stage to a sold out audience at a major rock venue
  • Special guest and counselor-led master class sessions in drums, bass, guitar, songwriting, etc.
  • A souvenir DVD of your performance at the grand finale concert
  • Daily meals with celebrity musicians and campers
  • Rehearsal time at professional rehearsal studios (you'll play where the stars play!)
  • Plenty of opportunities for photos and autographs as guest stars walk through the camp all week (so be sure to bring your camera and sharpies!)


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 4  Redhead Comments

LauraRocks13's picture

I so Know what you are talking about Frank !!! Keep talking to me. I will never get tired of reliving the week we spent in Hollywood. He I got an email and I think I am going to do the one in November too. I am definetly going back. What a life changing experience. I will add you on facebook ;)'s picture

Thanks Laura; I'm having some glitsches on this end as well adding you to my friend list. Shoot me an invitation on FaceBook (Frank Pawlak). It was an INCREDIBLE Camp!! I can't stop talking about it to family, friends, & business associates - I think they're tired of hearing about it . . . and that's just TOO BAD!! And Sammy you do rock!!

LauraRocks13's picture

Hey Frank I am trying to add you as a friend. But I can't. So try to add me and let me know if it works. This was such and amazing camp. I went in as a lead singer/vocals. I will blog more at a later time. It was amazing talking to Sammy. Thanks Sammy you Rock my World. ;)

Debtheater's picture

Hey guys, My family and myself will be in LA then, we are taking our son to Gibson, he has invented something BIG, he is an autism survivor, he won the battle, and came out the other side a guitar GENIUS. We live in Perth, Western Australia, a long way from LA, and it is our boys 18th birthday on the 12th May, it would be a great birthday present, he deserves it, he has won his battle and the music world will be the beneficiary, at 17 he plays like a veteran of 30 years, his life has been music since he drew breath, he sees music as colours, and that's how he can play the way he does, can someone help us, peace and thanks, Deb