May 26, 2011 by LauraRocks13

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Wow what an experience!!!!

I enjoyed my band. We were from all parts of the country and we came together in a week and formed a band. None of us had ever worked together before but our experience at RRFC made us all so close. My band The Sicilian Necktie, have become a part of my life and it just doesn’t stop with the members of my band. There were a lot of good friends made at this camp from all the other bands as well. We all supported each other and we all had the time of our life. Oh and Kevin Dugan was the ultimate. He made sure everything ran smooth for us. No one can top Dugie! Camp was a life changing experience and I plan on doing it again.

Sammy, I have to agree with you. I loved the younger band they rocked your songs. They were a special highlight of mine at camp. I talked to them at lunch one day and they just took my breath away. Those kids love Rock music and I enjoyed watching them Rock!

You were the biggest highlight of the camp. Not only did you talk, listen and play with our bands but you just brought your energy into the camp that amazes me. Your heart and soul comes out in your music, but in person it is 100 times bigger and you just shine. Your smile and happiness is so infectious. You just have this positive energy that is all around you and I know if I could take that and just give a piece of it to the entire world, this world we live in would be at Peace.

Thank you for the greatest experience and awesome memories. I will cherish them for a life time.

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