Past Event

Mar 24 2011
1256 Galleria Boulevard
Roseville, CA




Event 7:00PM. Part of the book signing tour for Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. Only books will be signed, photos permitted but no posed pictures.

Sammy will be signing books from 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Do I need to preorder a book? If so, how do I put in an order?
It is not necessary to preorder the book, but to ensure a copy is available, guests should contact the store directly and request a copy be reserved for them.

What if I already bought a copy of the book? Will I be allowed to get in line to have Sammy sign my copy, or does my copy need to be bought at your store?
It is not a requirement to purchase the copy directly through our store, but any copies brought to the event must have a receipt from the location of purchase (if ordered online bring packing slip). Any books that do not have a valid receipt will not be signed.

How will I gain admittance to the signing? Do I need a wristband or a ticket? If so, how do I get one?
A designated line will be formed outside of the store beginning at 9am on the morning of the event. No ticket or other identifier is required, but attendance does not guarantee a signed copy, due to the two hour limit.

How early should I show up?
Per the previous answer, a designated starting point for the line will be labeled at 9am on the morning of the event.

If I can’t make it to the signing, are you taking phone orders for signed copies?
We will not take phone orders for signed copies, but if time permits we will have Mr. Hagar sign additional copies to be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Anything else that I need to know?
Guests should be aware that Mr. Hagar will not be signing materials beyond copies of Red and that there will be no posed photography.


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 56 Redhead Comments

SharkByte's picture

Sargent Smith, who are you to tell anyone to get a life or to decide that people who enjoyed the experience are delusional?

The details clearly stated that nothing beyond the book would be signed *I know it's shocking that they only want to sign books at a book signing event* so showing up expecting other items to be signed is your own fault.

I was part of a crowd that won a contest from 98 Rock for a pre-signing meet and greet with Sammy and a personalized free copy of the book. Somehow that got fouled up, we didn't get the meet and greet and were just basically ushered in line with the rest of the crowd. When I was up, I told Sammy I couldn't wait for Chickenfoot III and he said "Oh, me too buddy" and said thank you and I moved on. It wasn't the experience that 98 Rock promised, but it was cool. I saw Sammy take time with a number of people, mostly those with kids, so not everyone was "pushed through like cattle".

It's unfortunate that this wasn't the experience you hoped for, but it sounds as if you had pretty high expectations (unrealistic as well) going in. This was not a meet and greet and was not advertised as one. Most likely, they rushed the crowd through to make sure at least everyone with a book got it signed and when the line ended they probably figured there was nobody else waiting. BTW, who shows up to a signing without a reserved copy or one in hand? There was also mention of that in the details as well....

BTW, your last comment is inaccurate. Sammy does nothing for the money and does not NEED our money to live the life he does.
He came from nothing and owes his success to nobody, if you read the book you'd know that. If he didn't care about his fans getting new music or seeing a show, he could have quit long ago after selling the tequila business for $80M. It's because he loves making music and he cares about his fans that he keeps doing this and he is extremely generous. He makes ZERO dollars on tour because his proceeds always go to local food banks. Since you're so chummy with Mr. Sixx, maybe you'd be better off trolling his page.

tracier076's picture

It was Great To see you Sammy! The line went so quick though. The only picture I was able to get was Sammy about to High Five me and his hand right in front of his face, too funny! The Book signing is so appreciated by me and all of your other Loyal Fan's! Thanks a Bunch,see ya in Tahoe!

Kath's picture

I just want to say that I got way more than I expected out of this. We left Portland at 4 a.m. to get to Roseville. The drive was not fun. We were luck enough to arrive at the store just after they had let the line inside so we didn't have to get soaked. Got to see some of my favorite Redheads and met plenty of new ones. When it finally came my turn in front of Sammy I got way more than I expected. I figured if I was lucky he'd look up and say hi. It was not the worlds longest conversation that I got to have with him, but it was more than I expected so I left very happy. I think some people just expect way too much from something like this. Would I have like a photo with Sammy? Sure, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. Would I have liked to have brought something special for Sammy to sign? Sure, but I read the rules and knew that wasn't happening. But still I got than I was expecting. I was just thrilled to have the opportunity. Thanks to all my NorCal friends for treating us so great.

Laela's picture

I hope you had a chance to read the card I gave you. We drove all night and we were super happy to meet you.

The event went so fast that they gave my book away and pushed me through the line. When I expressed that I didn't get even get my book another fan realized THE GUYS had given it to her. I am glad I knew what page I put my receipt on.

I just wish that THE GUYS would have been patient enough for me to get one picture.I even stood in line twice. Well, I guess I will have to try again. XOXOX


cabopablo's picture

the whole point to my story is yeah i waited 7 hours for 30 sec. with sammy, when we knew up front no time with him and no posed pics, and we got both and ifeel very fortunate to get that. and my little boy sam lucas met and got pics with his name sake. didnt mean to ruffle any feathers. we also had some time hooking up with many redheads we have known for years and got to reconnect with them. so it really wasnt all about sammy, we had a greattime reminising about cabo trips and concerts. cp

Sargent Bob Smith II's picture

I made my first trip to Cabo in August of 1990, 4 months after Cabo Wabo opened. They didn't even have t-shirts for sale yet.
I was 15 and wanted a shirt so bad. I still have the business card of the manager at the time ROGER OROZCO. He told me to give him my address and $20. and he would mail me one when the first shipment came through. Never saw it. He duped a 15 year old and stole my cash! I called the number on his card 20+ times until my folks got the phone bill for over a $100 and told me to stop calling Baja!I managed a Cabo San Lucas and east cape travel business in southern California for 2 years. The owners were gringos that lived in Cabo and owned 3 boats that we rented out. The REEL TEQUILA, the REEL ROCKER (Named and designed after Sammy Hagar) and the REEL DANGER. We had everyone from Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen to John Elway on these boats. The owners were close friends of Sammy's and always said how nice he was. I have had some great Sammy Hagar moments myself and feel very lucky to have been able to party with him at the "Case de mi Madre" in the Pedregal community in Cabo.
My beef is that the wonderful fans in this Sacramento area got ripped weather they want to face it or not. Sammy has all the time in the world (like you, self employed). He could have spent a little more time with everyone, how's a 10 second average? My wife and I got nothing. We were shoved past Sammy and he never looked up. It was less personal than a viewing at a mortuary! Some of you did get a smile, a comment or even a photo with your kid, many did not. I watched the last 10 minutes from a stepping stool as the prick guards pushed people by and treated them like criminals that were going to attack Sammy or something. There should have been ZERO negative stories. Sammy could have made anything happen that he wanted. He's the entertainment, talent, star, ect. I'm a business owner as well and you and I both know that how we treat our customers is #1. We are Sammy Hagar's customers. If we don't buy, he don't live the life he does.

cabopablo's picture

sorry man im self employed and take time as nec. it was very important to me to take my son to meet his name sake.. and have you evr been to cabo and waited overnight? this was a piece of cake. and this was a highlight in my sons and my live .. ill try and post pics. but dont blame sammy. to me he did his job then some, so he blew thru a 800 person line in 1 hour good job i say, but he took the extra time for us maybe 30 secs, my son was in heaven and so was my wife and i cp

Sargent Bob Smith II's picture

Taking the day off for 1 second with Sammy warrants the claim that you need to "get a life"! 1 hour is right! The website, Barnes & Nobel, the radio and fliers all posted a signing time of 2 hours, 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Some folks have a good job that you can't bail on to stand in the rain for 10 hours for a 1 second peek at Sam. Most sane folks would find that the money they would make in an 8 hour day would buy a meet and greet pass for a Hagar concert. The bottom line is that he could have stayed the extra hour and given everyone a few seconds longer. His body guards didn't have to act like total creeps and Barnes & Nobel should have taken their heads out of the asses and had enough books for the crowd. Sammy is great. The book signing was not.

cabopablo's picture

ok sorry one more post seargant bob are you a complete idiot? show up late and expect the world? cp

cabopablo's picture

p.s, all you negative peeps out there remeber 800 people , 1 hour what do you expect.. a meet and greet. get real,, and showing up at 8, to bad we took the day off to be there did YOU? get real all. so many people so little time, SAMMY DID AFANTASTIC JOB GET A LIFE cp

cabopablo's picture

i took my 7 year old names sam luca.. i introduced him to big sam and he COULDNOT HAVEBEEN MORE GACIAS. he stopped signing books gave little sam a big hug and took a few photos with him. he spent a few sec. with us. best time for us ever.. little guy waited outside in the rain.. and i do mean RAIN, sammy has more class than any rocker out there.. thank you sammy your the best we love you cp

paulce's picture

Like many others I too attended last night. I almost didn't after reading the experiences others had at book signings before this one as well as the "expectations." it seemed that as fans, some of us for a really long time, a little more personal touch could be put into it, like at least a personalization. Finally I decided to go as I felt like I was going to miss out and hoped the experience wouldn't leave too bad of a taste in my mouth. I got there at 4:30 and waited. As I got closer I could see how people were being rushed through and thought, well it's going to be what I thought, just a rush job. As I got even closer I saw that even trying to get a decent picture was almost impossible as so many people blocking the way. Everything people described before is accurate: they take your book and push you through. I watched many people seem to be disappointed. As I got there I prepared for the same. But for whatever reason when I said something to him he did look up, high five'd me and then noticed the Sammy shirt I was wearing. This caused him to start talking to me for a minute, saying how he rarely see's that shirt, how cool it is, etc. Of course I was being rushed along, but he kept talking until his people told him to stop. It wasn't long, maybe 30 seconds but I was glad to at least get that. Unfortunately it caused people behind me to get nothing it seemed. Was it worth waiting 3 hours for? Oh I don't know. It did make it a better experience than I expected and better than most had, so I left pleased. But I completely understand how people feel angry. There has been this culture built up over time between Sammy and the fans where we all travel to his events and shows, some times at great expensive, and it always feels he is appreciative and loves his fans. Whoever is controlling these signings is not allowing that to come through, and for many that is souring things. It didn't for me because I got lucky and wore the shirt I did. But I see how easily I could have left feeling that way and don't begrudge people feeling that way. Hopefully the complaints are listened to but I am thankful I got my brief chat!

Sargent Bob Smith II's picture

You guys that said it was a good time are delusional! Getting pushed through like cattle into a cattle truck with a 1 second high five (if the KGB body guards let you), a scribbled version of his autograph and not so much as a thank you for buying the book, is a good time then you need to get out more often.
The last book signing I went to was Nikki Sixx's "Heroin Diaries" and there were significantly more people (it was in Los Angeles). He sat there 4 1/2 hours and took the time to talk to each and every person, sign the book, a Motley Crue album, or anything else and take a personal photo! He even strummed and signed my Gibson Nikki Sixx signature bass, no hurry or rush, he was enjoying time with his fans. He was grateful, what a novel idea? Now what, is Sammy too old and needed to get home for bed time? Or is it that he's more busy than anyone else? BS! Nikki Sixx was running a clothing line, new album from Sixx A.M., new book, Motley Crue tour: Crue Fest, new Motley Crue album, new nationally syndicated talk show - guess what - no excuses to hurry off! This is one example of many (Slash's book signing was a full minute of conversation, oh ya he doesn't have anything going on). Sammy's was lame and I expected more from the multi-millionaire. He acted as though he was doing us the favor! We're the ones filling his pockets with serious coin. No fans = no money. He could have stayed the second hour that he listed the signing as and had time to take a pic with everyone. I timed the event, it started just after 7:00 and ended as he walked out (I was filming) at 7:57pm. If you thought that was a great time, go to another artist book/album release and see what real fan appreciation is. That was lame!!! I guess some people's time means nothing to them? To me, I expect more from someone that has it all because we spend the money for the entertainment. Why book the signing if he didn't want to be there? If Sammy wanted to spend 10 seconds with each person that showed up it would have taken no more than 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Is that too much to ask? You people really didn't feel cheated? Wow!

cindybearGVMERED's picture

We got there at 11.00am drove up from Tracy in the crazy weather. Thank you to Barnes & Nobles for letting us in early.
I thought it was worth the 8 hour wait. Sammy was cool as could be took the time to ask how each person was and give a high five. I even got a kiss on the check. Then he told my son he looked like a young Tommy Lee. and gave him a pat on the back.
Going to the first solo show and following along for the ride the last 30 years. The book gives you insite to the ride he was on. In the end. We all can relate to the First chapter of his Mom running from the Green eyed monster, the rise in Fame and the crazy stuff we all go through. And then the real meaning of the book I got was. We take all we've learned and we LOVE, Give Back, And Be There For Those We Love And Honer those we Lost. I love the fact it all came down to the Love of a Mother.
Rock on Sammy. You are a great down to earth guy who deserves all the blessings and Love of Live and your Fans. After all you have been good to us too.

Cabowabo24's picture

What an awesome rainy day in Roseville. Got to the book signing about 3:30. The store was crowded, but the line hadn't made it outside yet. Hit the near by On The Boarder, watched some baskeball, drank some Cabo Wabo tequila, Thanks Tiffany....She rocked that bar. We walked over right about 7:00 got in the back of the line. Made it in the store, followed the maze around all the books up to where Sammy was. It was a little rushed getting through, but Sammy was totally cool. He high fived us all. I left him a picture from a Reno show a few years back, when Montrose came on for the encore. He looked at it said cool. His guys put it in the box behind him and we moved on. Awesome night, had a blast.

Thanks Sammy

See you in Tahoe.

Husky Lover's picture

Got there at 7AM with some LOYAL REDhead BEST FRIENDS!!! The weather was HORRIFIC with winds, rain and freezing cold weather! Had a BLAST!!! Best day of my life!!! Thanks again Sammy - Great signing and you are the best and continue to ROCK MY WORLD - going on 34 YEARS!!!

fastframer's picture

Awesome time! met some cool people! it rained like hell, but well worth it!

vellrat's picture

Hey Sammy, I got there at 8:10 pm to find that you left at 8:00 pm. "I just don't understand why you didn't wait for me Sammy". I have a job and teenagers to take care of. I got there as soon as I could. I have waited for you for hours and hours over the years. I have slept on the sidewalks of Cabo just 4 you. What happened? How come you ditched me and my kids. Please explain. The guy at the store told me you had to leave early because you had a gig in Tahoe tomorrow, but you and I know that is not true. What the heck happened to you? I sure hope everything in your world is ok. I will be sending good thoughts your way. I think you must need some mojo, cause this is not like you. Keep your Karma pure. I love you Man, you rock, but you better have a good explanation for not waiting for me. :) PEACE OUT...

Sargent Bob Smith II's picture

It's Sammy and crew not giving a shit about his fans, that's exactly what is! We got there an hour early and the nit wits ran out of books. Then we got to Sammy his nazi body guards shoved my wife and me past with no signature, photo or hand shake. It was the rudest book/cd signing you could ever go to. Shame on Sammy for treating his loyal fans like crap. Check out the fan video section here where I will post a video showing his asshole nazi thugs push people and even slam someone's book on a table.

DragonTBear's picture

I was there :) Got there at 5pm, (just couldn't get out of work, or I would have done 9am). It took Sammy about 0.03 seconds to sign my book and give a 'high-five' and move on to next happy redhead. Hehehe ... what do you expect from a guy that can't drive 55 (err 65)? :)

He didn't have time to say anything... and I know I said something, but ... it was a big blur.

Here's what I would have said to him if he hadn't been so busy being a nice guy trying to get everyone's book signed:

1st - THANK YOU! (for the book, for the lifetime of the best music, etc. etc.) You're a TRUE Original AMERICAN IDOL!

2nd - Have you written a song about Bobbi? (his sister that helped take card of Aaron & Besty, etc.) From the book, it sure sounds like she deserves it. in fact ... say THANK YOU to her for me. Without her, we wouldn't have the Sammy we have today.

3rd - Will Chickenfoot (or Wabos, or Montrose, or Van Hagar) ever have tracks in the Harmonix Rock Band Video Game?

Peace, Love. Live long and prosper!! (err.. longER and 'CONTINUE to prosper') :)

Sargent Bob Smith II's picture

This was the worst Book or album release signing I have ever been to! First we drove an hour and a half to get there. Then the morons with Sammy crew & Barnes and Nobel ran out of books? Why would you ever allow yourself to run out of a product you are selling at a signing? We got there at 6:00pm, 1 hour before he was to start signing. After waiting 1 1/2 hours in the freezing drizzle we finally got to him only to have one of his two gestapo body guard pricks shove my wife past Sammy because she didn't have a book for him to scribble into(due to their short comings). Then they force me by with no hand shake or acknowledgment from Sammy, and absolutely no autograph on something else that I bought (I had my OU812 album) that made Sammy Hagar money at another time in his life! We got less than 1 second with Sammy. After all the money I have spent in my life supporting his concerts (over 10), merchandise (T-shirts and hats), Cabo Wabo tequila and visiting his bar starting in August of 1990 a few months after it originally opened, I'm pissed. This was a poor showing for the Red Rocker. It was advertised as 7:00pm - 9:00pm. He started shortly after 7:00pm and was walking out the back on his way home at 7:57pm. Total rip off of my time and money (gas) to go there. Everybody (even the loyal ones that don't want to face reality) were treated like cattle. We were herded through like we meant nothing. He could have stayed there the next hour (as planned) and had time to say hi and to take a photo. This was poorly done and made me want to take off my Sammy Hagar "Livin it up tour" shirt and throw it at Sammy and his nazi body guards. What a waste of time! Check out what my treatment and everyone else's was here with my photo:

stacys088's picture

I am bummed! I arrived at 8:10PM for the book signing and was told that Sammy had already left. It was advertised that he would be signing for two hours 7pm to 9pm. What is up with that?

cathyfbrown's picture

Waited 10hrs to get my book signed and get a quick pic...was worth the wait and more. Sammy looked me in the eye and grabbed my hand. A memory I will never forget. Thanks Sammy. Much love and respect...

sixteaz7's picture

I am here :) been here couple of hours now it is getting close to signing time sweet ....spacestation number 5 was the first Sammy song I heard in the 70's

bradf049's picture

bout 1500 people or so, not gonna get to everyone.

vancehotel's picture

Called Roseville Barnes and Noble at 1:30 and the guy said the line outside was wrapping around the building! Hard core Sammy fans taking it in the wind and rain.

danastar's picture

Anybody there yet? What's the line look like? Have a couple more hours at work (ugh). See you soon!

Hippiebitch's picture

We're gonna get sooo sick! See ya in the morning.

DragonTBear's picture

Just finished the book .. AWESOME... THANK YOU SAMMY!

I actually bought two (2) copies ... one physical book to sign (from B&N), and a digital copy to read (Kindle app on iPhone).

OH @RedJuJu: Sorry ... it says "there will be NO posed photography".

Understandable though ... 'cause Sammy will likely be seated behind a table.

Peace & Love

xlharr's picture


xlharr's picture

Someone took my book from my desk at work yesterday. I am so sad.
I will pick up another one tomorrow to have signed.
Can't wait!

jimmyveri's picture

Good luck with this book signing. I saw you on television the other day, I believe it was on Fox News and loved the interview. Thank you for being so candid about your life in the past, present, and future.

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terrysafan's picture

Will brave the elements for this Rocker ANY day!

constancem013's picture

Will be there!!! Woop!!!!

hagarox's picture

Thanks for the info. See you all there!!!

cathyfbrown's picture

Just talked to BN. BN not letting the line inside the store until 5PM even if it is pouring down rain outside and windy as hell. Just thought I'd let everyone know. Dress to stay dry and warm my friends. Peace!

Laela's picture

Driving from Portland, Oregon just to meet you. We are so excited!'s picture

Can't wait to get my book signed! Juls's picture

I am sooo happy. Sammy is coming to Roseville on MY BIRTHDAY! YEAH! I would not miss it, book already read and waiting.

Husky Lover's picture

See ya there :)

cathyfbrown's picture

Getting there @ 9AM. It's supposed to be raining so I'm hoping BN lets us wait inside the store. I'm with you I want to ensure I get my book signed and a quick pic... I think 10hrs of waiting in line will do us. Have fun!

Husky Lover's picture

I'm going to the signing in Roseville, Cali - How early should I get there REDheads? They say line will start at 9am - should I be there at 6am??? I just want to make sure that I'm not so far back in line that I don't get a signing...

Rockchicki's picture

Flying in from Florida for this! Never had a better excuse to come home for a visit! =D

David Mccain's picture

Got the book today from Barnes. I will be there, come hell or high water. Hope to see ya all there. Rock on and hard!

Husky Lover's picture

So looking forward to this!!! Thank You!!!

chrisf075's picture

Looking forward to your book and signing.

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Your poor wrist! Thank you for doing this!

nascardeb's picture

Can't wait to read your book and see you shortly after and in May!!

RedJuJu's picture

Oh there will be a posed picture!

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

I can't wait!