What a novel idea!

April 14, 2011 by Wooky

Check this out, a book signing where the celebrity actualy cares enough about the people that made him a celebrity to interact with them, and make sure that every fan has a good experience. He takes pictures, gives hugs, personalizes the books, doesn't allow his staff or B&N staff to be rude to his fans, and doesn't try to see how fast he can leave the building. What a novel idea! A certain someone that we all know could certainly take some pointers!!!


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Miss you too darling!

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Wooky where is the "like" button! Well said! Differenes make life interesting and fun. I miss you guys! Xoxoxo

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Some people just keep drinking the Kool-Aid....

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First of all I never said that Sammy doesn't care about his fans, I said "a book signing where the celebrity actually cares enough about the people that made him a celebrity to interact with them, and make sure that every fan has a good experience."

As far as saying that I should be on Nikki's site instead of this one, I stand behind what I said and have no interest in hiding my opinion from Sammy, the admin, Carter, Renata, Paul or anyone else. A lot of hardcore Redheads that have spent tens of thousands of dollars each on Sammy, his former tequila, and many other associated endeavors were treated like shit during the book tour. While experiencing something that many have never experienced before and may never again they weren't treated like fans, they were treated like cattle. At nearly every signing Sammy's staff were rude to fans as they were rushed through the line in what seemed like a race to see how quickly he could leave the event, whether he had been there the advertised two hours or not. It seems to me that he could show some love to the people that put him in the position he currently enjoys and take the time to make it personal and enjoyable even if it took an entire two hours out of his blessed life. Not to mention the fact that he arbitrarily signed items that some longtime fans had brought to the events or took pictures with them, everybody should have been treated equally and respectfully.

I visit this site as much as anybody here. I've been a Redhead since '83 but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion that differs from yours. Suffice it to say if you knew what I know I guarantee you'd feel the same way. In regards to what Nikki's done lately, obviously you have no idea because it's actually quite a lot. He has a daily syndicated radio show, runs a photography studio, is in two bands, runs a record label, has a clothing line, has written two books, and fundraises for at risk youth with Covenant House. There's more but that's really beside the point, as what I was referring to was how he (and more importantly his staff) treated his fans at his recent book signing. If you were at one of Sammy's book signings, and you watched the video I posted above you'll notice how drastically different the two experiences were.

I'm actually a much bigger Sammy fan than Nikki's but like I said, It's my opinion that Sammy could take some pointers about how to treat the people that have made him rich and famous. Your opinion is valid, please don't think mine isn't because it differs from yours. One thing I've learned after nearly 30 years of being a Redhead is that the best thing about Sammy are his fans. I've been fortunate enough to meet Redheads from all over the world and am proud to call them friends. Unfortunately it appears Sam's fan friendly image doesn't always jibe with reality. I never realized that being a Redhead meant believing the man has no faults, where I come from constructive criticism is a good thing.

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WOW! You apparently don't visit this site often enough......Takes balls to insinuate that Sammy doesn't care about his fans on his own website. You apparently aren't a true Redhead! BTW.....What's Nikki done lately....ummmm....oh ya - NOTHING!! Maybe you should be on his site and NOT this one.