Past Event

Mar 12 2011
Canadian Music Week (GUEST APPEARANCE)
100 Front St. W.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada




Show 8:30AM.

From the CMW Website:


He is the multi-platinum Red Rocker – the outgoing, bombastic front man of hard rock champions Van Halen, the man who won’t drive 55, and the man currently fronting his own supergroup, Chickenfoot. Better known as Sammy Hagar to the masses, he is one of rock music’s most successful and notorious singers. On Saturday, March 12, he will be the subject on an exclusive interview at Canadian Music Week – taking place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto – sharing the stories of his formidable rise through rock music and private enterprise.

For over 30 years, Sammy Hagar, also known as “The Red Rocker”, has been a fixture in heavy metal music. From the Montrose albums that are an essential part of the foundation of what became heavy metal, through a solo career that produced such hits as “I Can’t Drive 55″, to his decade long stint as the front man for Van Halen, Hagar has sold millions of albums all over the world.

Taking over for Van Halen’s original singer David Lee Roth in 1985, Hagar took the band to unprecedented heights, including four consecutive No. 1 albums, before being unceremoniously fired in 1996. Eight years later, he returned triumphant, leading the band on a reunion tour that was a box office smash.

Throughout his career, Hagar, a guitarist himself, has played with a succession of genius guitar players; from Ronnie Montrose and Neal Schon to Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani from his current group, Chickenfoot, which also features former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Endorsed by Gibson, the guitar company introduced a new signature Les Paul for Hagar earlier this year in celebration of his role in Chickenfoot’s success. The guitar features a look and appointments chosen by Hagar.

As a songwriter, his songs have been covered by other artists, including Bette Midler and Rick Springfield, whose 1981 Top Ten hit, “I’ve Done Everything For You,” was written by Hagar.

In addition to his legendary status among rock stars, he is the masterful entrepreneur behind the Mexican resort Cabo Wabo Cantina he founded in 1990 and home of the handmade premium Cabo Wabo tequila – the most successful new tequila brand in the liquor business in years. Hagar has since expanded his restaurant chain with Cabo Wabo Cantinas in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe and a series of airport restaurants, Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill that raise money for local charities.

In his autobiography RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock, set for release on Saturday, March 12 through HarperCollins, Hagar tells the outrageous and unbelievable stories of his rise through rock music, detailing how his voice became instantly recognizable all over the world. Lavishing readers with behind the scenes stories from Van Halen, one of the biggest rock groups in history, Hagar tells of the global stadium tours, private jets, parties, and of course the ups and downs that came with fame and success.

For a rare look into the life behind the man, visit the Canadian Music Week website – – to register for your Canadian Music Week delegate pass.


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 3  Redhead Comments

1Way2Rock's picture

I went to both book signings. The one on Saturday was by far the better one. Yes, like Mike said, the organizers and security were trying to move things along and were pretty pushy about it. But that was slow compared to the one at Chapters on Sunday. I'll post my comments about that one on the other event topic.

They have you stick a post-it note in the book with your name on it, so he knows what to write. I wrote a litte note for Sammy on mine, it made him smile and reach over to shake my hand. (I'm such a sucker for that smile :-D )

Didn't see him wearing sunglasses once all weekend!

mikes064's picture

I got in line about an hour before the interview (about 10th in line) and we were let in about 3pm. Media was let in first, so I didnt have as good as a seat that I thought I would. Still was ablr to see fine, plus they had to screens as well. The interview flowed real well, with questions from his childhood, to startin out, to Montrose, to Capital years, some VH and then Chickenfoot. He finished by speaking about being a businessman (that he really isn't one) Cabo Cantina, the tequilla and then answered some questions about songwritin and the music business today. All in all an enjoyable time, maybe not worth the $50 ticket, but when it comes to Sammy/VH/CF I will always be there.

They sold about 100 copies of the book before we went inside and we were told he would personalize and sign the book. But no memorabilia or pictures. Sammy himself was a very nice guy, speaking to each one of us (30-45 Secs) putting his pen down, lookin you in the eye and shakin your hand. His security and the people working there however were jerks. Really trying to push us through, making sure we couldnt pose for pictures with him, or get anything else signed (which is ok, but they were rude about it). Sammy quickly got wisked away with 4 or 5 security. Other than the security, all in all a great experience and it saved me from a long wait and lineup at the Chapters on Sunday!

Thanks Sammy for coming to Canada and all the great years,

Mike from T.O.

mikes064's picture

On the Redrocker site it says his keynote interview starts at 8:30am but the CMW site says 2:45pm. Make sure you get it right redheads!