Past Event

Mar 11 2011
350 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 5:00PM. Director: Gil Bettman
Producer: Paul Ware, Sammy Hagar
Running Time: 50 minutes
Featuring: Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, Toby Keith

It’s not just any club that has a movie made about it for its twentieth birthday. That honour belongs to the Cabo Wabo, the brain child of former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar. Built when Cabo San Lucas was just a town of six thousand people the Cabo Wabo has become an anchor of the now-thriving resort town in no small part due to Hagar’s hard work and his annual birthday bash hosted at the Cabo Wabo every year. It’s impossible to talk about the club without talking about its creator, really, and GO THERE ONCE, BE THERE TWICE is as much Hagar’s story as the club’s, the film walking through the rocker’s life and career with an impressive collection of live performances by and tributes from the scores of famous friends Hagar has hosted in his club’s walls. And when all is said and done perhaps it’s the iconic Neil Young who sums the whole endeavour up best, pointing out that “He’s got his own club in Mexico, you know. This guy likes to have a good time.” Indeed.

PLEASE NOTE: Sammy Hagar will be present to introduce the screening.


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  • 2011-03-11 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox


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 10 Redhead Comments

mikes064's picture

Not a great turnout, but really not a great start time. 5pm on a rainy Friday, school March Break's startin, people goin out of town instead of in. Sammy showed up with his wife in shorts and a Cabo T, said he was cold! LOL

Movie is very entertaining! Shows the history of Cabo Wabo and CAbo San Lucas plus Sammy's career and time in Mexico! Well done. Sammy left before the end (heard he was joining BTO on stage later in the evening), would have loved to talk to him. Maybe I will get a chance at the interview.

All in all fun time!

clifforddog1's picture

Excellent documentary, Sammy was there with Kari, said a few words before the film, in good spirits as always. Hardly anyone there, maybe 50 people tops.

I believe he's playing with Randy Bachman tonight at The Mod Club...

bradr014's picture

Have fun this weekend , take lots of pictures.

jeffp081's picture

Hopefully he and the Foot do meet and greets next time around

andreww052's picture

I didn't win the q107 contest so I guess that's it! The chance of a lifetime down the drain.

jeffp081's picture

Good luck!

andreww052's picture

Jeff I only knew about the q107 one. I did enter all my credits but the chances are low. The Long & McQuade is closed but I did get my name in the Toronto Sun. Thanks for the info. If I win I'll share it with you.

jeffp081's picture

There have been a few contests; q107, y108, Toronto Sun and Long and McQuade. Any random person could win this. I was hoping that would be able to help some of the true redheads out like how they gave some backstage passes when Sammy toured last summer.

andreww052's picture

Wow, what are the contests? I'd love to party Cabo Wabo Uno style with Sammy. Please include me if you are giving away tickets to the Gibson Guitar Showcase!! Gracias amigo gracias.

jeffp081's picture

Same day, Sammy is doing a meet and greet party. There is a bunch of contests in the Toronto area. Just wondering if this site is doing any giveaway / contests so some true Redheads are in there.