Past Event

Oct 6 2010
1121 S. Chance Ave.
Fresno, CA


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM. Tickets go on sale July 16, 2010.


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 24 Redhead Comments

drumstiicks's picture

My wife and I had the best seats, ONSTAGE!!! Thanks to 95.7 The Fox. The show was great!! After the show, when we were waiting for people to get off the platform we were on, I felt someone tap my leg. It was one of Sammy's roadies. He handed me a folded paper, so i opened it - it was the set list they used that night. So, great seats, and some memorabilia!

wally4's picture

Okay, I may not have any pictures from Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 Opening Day of the BIG FRESNO FAIR; But SAMMY ROCKED THE HOUSE !!!!! Rain and all; He is the ultimate showman! It didn't matter to him if it was raining or not, he was there to enterain and the placed was packed to see Him!!!!!! It was the absolute best!!!!!
Third row seats couldn't be beat !!!! ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER WITH SAMMY!! YAHWHOOO

sammy24's picture

Fresno .. You rocked, well worth the long drive!

tinam042's picture

Sammy and Wabos you were fantastic as always thanks for coming to Fresno!!!!

JonOpper's picture

Thanks for the great Fresno Fair concert... and the free shower. I needed one anyway. You guys rocked, my daughters loved it, and Bro was "splashing" away at the drums. See ya tomorrow in Cabo!

Outsider4life's picture

We waited for a long time to see Sammy and the crew. My wife got overzealous at the track and by the time the event was starting she passed the F out!!! We were in TX when Cabo Wabo was open in Fresno and was just fortunate to have one night there. In April '05 we hit up Cabo San Lucas for a wedding and missed Sammy there. No luck here, please keep up posted when ur going to be in CA again bro!!!

Hardcore fans waiting for our time!!!!!!


The Milburns!!

Fearney's picture

I have never had so much fun in the rain. Sammy you, as always, tore it up! Thanks for coming to Fresno and "training" for your Birthday Bash! Can't wait for the return trip!

onemorshow's picture

Here is the setlist for Fresno:

1. 1 Way to Rock
2. 55
3. Top of the World
4. Montrose (Space Station #5 /Rock Candy / Bad Motor Scooter
5. Best of Both Worlds
6. I've Done Everything For You
7. 3-Lock Box
8. Right Now
9. The Girl Gets Around
10. I'll Fall in Love
11. Your Love
12. Finish What You Started
13. Heavy Metal
14. Mas Tequila

15. Why Can't This Be Love
16. Whole Lotta Zep

imgambit's picture

Sammy thanks for a great concert. You're always welcome to come back to Fresno. Rain or Shine your music rocks !!

DonO's picture

Gonna be a great show, it's been to long. Hope to see you guys in the Beer garden by the stage before the show!!!

Redsnapper79's picture

YAY, REDROCKER WEDNESDAY is here! Looking forward to seeing all the familar faces tonight!

Redlover's picture

Ok, let's get this PARTY started people! ☺
Fresno, here we come!!!


kdenison16's picture

Sammy, I'm telling you Fresno is ready to rock..Can't wait..Picked a great place to get you ready for your birthday bash...

randyl048's picture

It's 8:05 it's time to rock!!!!

JonOpper's picture

This will be #6 for the year, but the best part is that this is the first time I can take my daughters to see Sammy & Co! OH YEAH!!! They are sooooo excited! :o)~

sammy24's picture

I'm there!

sammy24's picture

Red heads coming from Tucson, Fresno don't let me down.

onemorshow's picture

I also got front row (sec D row 1 seats 3+4). I went to sec.C first, but all the seats were saved in that section up to row 15. So I went back to sec.D and grabed the 2 seats I got. Now the only thing to make this trip even better is to win the meet & greet backstage passes to meet Sammy and the Wabos. C U There.

cabojohnny5150's picture

I got front row (sec D) seat for me, my wife, & daughter!!!!

maryhem's picture

Today's pre-sale through the Fresno Fair website is fair2010. $50 tops with no fees and $6 fair admission instead of $11. The best seats are gone but it will still be a great show if you have not purchased your tickets yet!

maryhem's picture

Hey Dono,
What are we going to do...stand outside drink tequila from a bottle in a paper bag and remember the ONE Sammy show we saw there? LOL

DonO's picture

How about a pre-concert SHOT at the old CABO WABO? Any takers?

firedogg209's picture

Looking forward to this... this will be my first Sammy show... every time he is around I have to work, so screw it this time Im calling in sick!

randyl048's picture

Are we having any fun yet?