Setlist For Fresno 10-06-10 :-)))

September 29, 2010 by Redlover
Setlist For Fresno 10-06-10  :-)))

Ok,Here's how it turned out...
What I was hoping for and what I GOT! ☺ ☺ ☺

Good Enough
Rock Candy - CHECK!!! (In Montrose Medly!)
Young Girl Blues
Eagles Fly
Marching To Cosmic Medly
The Love
My Kinda Girl
Shaka Doobie
Never Give Up
Who Has The Right
Right Now - CHECK!!!
One Way - CHECK!!!
Joe Love - CHECK!!!
Whole Lotta Zep - CHECK!!! (as an encore song even!)
Top Of The World - CHECK!!! (played earlier in the show, not encore.)
Cabo Wabo (Un-plugged)

I loved it in the rain! ♥

As always...Thank you Sammy. ☺


(P.S.- Whole Lotta Zep sounds more like real Zep to me than anything I've ever heard. Nailed it! ;)

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Great suggestions! I'd love to hear EITHER of them! Or should I say ALL of them??? Ok, now I'm stretchin' it a lil'! LMAO!!!! never knows's SAMMY we're talking 'bout here...anything's possible!!!!


(Dig this...the Captcha for this post was "arrats friends"...get it? "A Rat's Friends"? Like a WABORAT's Friends??? Ok,ok... nevah mind! I can read "something Sammy" into ANYTHING!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!)

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The Way We Live

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