Past Event

Aug 28 2010
2301 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM. Opening for Aerosmith.



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 33 Redhead Comments

trouble74's picture

Of Coarse the Sammy concert rocked made it up to first row!! Have t admitt that seeing him in a big venue is no where the same as the Catina or the House of Blues.. Doesnt mean he didnt work the crowd, just saying its just not the same. Now The Sammy Beach Bar.. right out in front of Bally's! hmmm Service, what service there wasnt any. It's obvious that we are all Die Hard Red Head fans. I flew from Tampa and my friend flew in from Michigan JUST TO SEE THIS SHOW and when they want to charge you $ 10.00 to get into the beach bar, that there was a pisser! After spending $ 450.00 for hotel $ 150.00 for each concert tix. Air fare well hmm that there was well over $ 200.00, we done and spent our fair share is supporting. Wearing a birthday bash t-shirt coming all that distance you would think they would wave they fee!!!! NOT.. So needless to Sammy we walked. Hopefully for future referance Bally's will figure something out for folks who travel high and low too see Sammy.

Sidbiz's picture

Sammy's AC show was awesome, we all hope he comes back to NJ soon!

francinew002's picture

Loved the concert! But I do prefer seeing Sammy at the Borgata or the House of Blues like in the past. Smalled venue means getting closer to Sammy!!! Very disappointed that I could not get into his beach bar because I was wearing boots? Been a Sammy fan for so long and not being able to go into his bar cause of that?
What kind of crap is that? And I think the bar should be playing rock n' roll instead of dj'ing hip hop and top 40. You can get that music in the other clubs.

butlergirl's picture

There are some good clips and photos from this show already on YouTube. It was a fantastic show - Sammy was a lot of fun and sounded great!

cabobenito61's picture

Amazing night it was.

Merci Sammy & The Wabos for an unfuckinbeliveable night, superb setlist, my ears are still not working properly 2 days after. And I'll drive even longer next time, just to see you again, again and again.

Arriba Arriba, and see you in MONTREAL ....please!!!!!

Your friend Benoit

ronniebodnar's picture

Hey whats up ? Everyone left there wallet in AC , no one can remember how great the concert was ? Whats up dont we want him back in Jersey ? Lets see some pictures ,lets hear some great things . Well I had a great time !!!!!!!! Enjoy the week !!!!!!!!! peaceout

ronniebodnar's picture

Is the real party in Phillipsburg NJ ????

ronniebodnar's picture

Ronnie Bodnar Its that time of the week again !!! Enjoy the Weekend starting with Happy Hour tommorow ,somewhere ,anywhere its 5 o clock always !! and Sammy Hagar started in AC Tuesday nite hes got 2days off and off to AC gonna rock the boards out of the walk , at Sammys Bar and Grill !! Mas Tequila !!!!! Right Here Right Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 minutes ago ·
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pineapplepug's picture

CANNOT believe this!!!! Saturday will be beyond amazing....thank you soooooooo much Sammy!!!!!!! Really making a dream come true!!!!!

mickis090's picture

OMG my friend Danielle won the backstage passes!! I met D for the first time on stage at the PNC show in 2006. She truly is a upfront fanatic!!!


mickis090's picture


scotth036's picture

Sammy has lots of friends and Larry Mullin was his good bud at the Borgata. Larry was CEO and president when he left in 2009. I heard Larry was on the Emeril show when Sammy was on there several years and he also has gone to Cabo for the Birthday Bash. Now that Don is back in town, he'll be at a Harrah's property. Marrandino was the Hard Rock when Sammy played there and they did those impossible to find $25 chips with Sam on them and then Don went to Tahoe, which is how Tahoe ended up with the Cabo Wabo restaurant up there.

JOANNEB075's picture

I bet he stays at the Borgotta..just a guess..We are on our we come!

scotth036's picture

There is NO way Sammy is staying at the Trump resorts.

Don Marradino is the reason there is a Sammy's Beach Bar and if he is staying in town, it would be at one of Harrah's properties.

Don Marrandino is the Eastern Regional President of Harrah's Entertainment, 4 Atlantic City casino and one in PA.

Sidbiz's picture

I would think Sammy is likely staying at Bally's, I read that his longtime friend is president of the company that owns Bally's, which is why his beach bar ended up there.

mickis090's picture

TMZ just reported that Steven Tyler arrived at Trump Hotel after PNC show, had to come to rescue of a friend from being choked by a fan..
wondering if Sammy is staying there too???

rayg025's picture

We'll be there Saturday AM and be chilling at Sammy's BB&G. See ya'll there! We will be the one's "On Top of the World"!

RIRedrocker's picture

HA! You got that right Al!! Can't wait!! See you this weekend!!

Acbou812's picture

Cant wait to party with the best fans in the world....REDHEADS!!!

cabobenito61's picture

Hello everyone going to AC,

Sammy Hagar's Beach bar, here we go, maybe after a little nap, after driving 9hr from Montreal, We should be there around 3:30pm to hit the beach, is that good with everyone !!!!

See ya in 4 days..

Arriba Arriba


WaboRick's picture

we will be getting there hopefully around 5:30 after our neices wedding

butlergirl's picture

Shout out to everyone going to AC. What time are people planning to hit Sammy's BB at Bally's?

JOANNEB075's picture

how would we know if we were lucky enough to be picked? I have my fingers crossed, bags packed and ready for the long drive full of hope..someone has to be lucky ...right? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

karen1013's picture

Where did that message go???

Sidbiz's picture

There was a note on this page indicating that the winner of the backstage pass would be selected five days before the show, just like the other locations, but now that note is gone. Why?

ilenenice's picture

Good Point. Are there no backstage passes for A.C.? Can the webmaster answer?

donnietajoe's picture

Donnie Tajoe I cant wait to get the party strted on friday!

mickis090's picture

its AC they give away

RIRedrocker's picture

No backstage pass giveaway for this one?

krisfoss's picture

Sammys Beach Bar it is!

dmachek's picture

I'll be at Sammy's Beach Bar before and after the show. Maybe if we're lucky Sammy will stop in so we all could say hello. I look forward to partying and rocking with all my fellow redheads on the 28th.



cabobenito61's picture

Hello all Redheads,

Do we meet somewhere, example @ Sammy's Beach Bar before the show, or during the afternoon. It will be great to have a lovely Margarita on the beach before the show.

Pls let me know.

Best regards,

Benoit or Ben or Benito

JOANNEB075's picture

wonder if any one of us will be upgraded...that would be great! see you all there!