Past Event

Aug 24 2010
Exit 116 Garden State Parkway
Holmdel, NJ


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.



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 12 Redhead Comments

joeyk52's picture

I was was awesome. Can anyone tell me exactly what the setlist was? I'd like to make a playlist of it in my iTunes.

ronniebodnar's picture

Ronnie Bodnar Its that time of the week again !!! Enjoy the Weekend starting with Happy Hour tommorow ,somewhere ,anywhere its 5 o clock always !! and Sammy Hagar started in AC Tuesday nite hes got 2days off and off to AC gonna rock the boards out of the walk , at Sammys Bar and Grill !! Mas Tequila !!!!! Right Here Right Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 minutes ago ·
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dreamcatcher923's picture

Thank you for an AWESOME show last night!!! I was dancin in the aisles the whole time. This was the 4th time I've seen you, & every time you blow the roof off the place!Wish it could've been longer, you & the Wabos..... WOW!!!!!

vettegirl63's picture

Hey Sammy! What can I say except THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally after all these years I got a hug from you! Absolutely an amazing feeling! It really meant alot! Even though getting inside the venue was quite a challenge with security giving us a round around and not much time for the meet & greet with you backstage, we really appreciated you taking a quick moment to get a picture and sign the photo of you wearing the birthday hat I gave you on your birthday back in 2007 in Cabo! You & the Wabos put out a great set last night! It was Awesome!!!!

Looking foward to seeing ya in Atlantic City this weekend! We will be in Cabo this October for your birthday bash......Rockin' out with you, the Wabos & all of the Redheads! Thanks again for everything! C U in Cabo!!

tonyc1257's picture

sammy rocked the house last night in holmdel,nj. the performance was fantastic, he sounded awesome, only wish he could have played longer. only disappointment was how can sammy not play "dreams" in any concert he performs ? can't wait now for hopefully for a bigger chickenfoot tour. thanks for a great performance sammy, you are the 'best of all worlds'.---tony choy, palmerton,pa.

ronniebodnar's picture

Well Sammy was tight and rocked the PNC Bank Center , gotta give the lawn people a hand they are true fans rain or shine and they got rained on all nite. Hes got two days off and off to AC and gonna rock the boards right out of the walk hahaha Hope he has fun at his beach bar (and is the real party at his house ???)we were there last week. try Prime restaurant. Wish I could get tickets for AC .

RIRedrocker's picture

HA! You'll be on this high for a while my friend! It's fantastic isn't it??!! ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and have a great weekend just thinking about next Tuesday!!!! I'll raise my glass tonight in honor of your win :)

vettegirl63's picture

Darlene!!! I am so excited! What an awesome feeling! I will definitely give Sammy a hug from you! I can't thank & Sammy enough! Oh my guys ROCK!
\m/ \m/

RIRedrocker's picture

OH and hey Barb, don't forget to give Sammy a BIG HUGE HUG and tell him his Redheads love him!!!!!! :D

RIRedrocker's picture

CONGRATS BARBARA ON WINNING THE BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^5 GIRLFRIEND!!!! SOOOO psyched for you!!!! You very much deserve this!!!! Can't wait to see your pic and hear all about it!!! Have you stopped shaking yet? LOL!!!!!!! So very cool you won!!!!!

Devz's picture

Can't wait for Tuesday!

ronniebodnar's picture

Hey its my girlfriends birthday any chances of on stage or backstage , it would mean a lot to her she a fan like me since Montrose!!!!! We normally go on stage but none available this time!!!!!!!!!!!!