Past Event

Sep 29 2004
United Spirit Arena
Lubbock, Texas


Van Halen.


Show 07:00PM.



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WOW.....a hellacious 2 hour and 25 minute show. I saw them in OKC and
somehow the boys were louder and better than that awesome show. I
practically jumped out oy my skin when Eddie and Alex went into the opening
riff of Hot For Teacher at the beginning of Ed's solo..holy crap! Sammy
sounded very excellent and Mikey was hitting high notes very very well.
Eddie had us laughing, in awe and speechless during his solo. He was all
over the frekin guitar. HEY.....please please cut an album next year and
get back out on the road! Can't get enough!

Joel W


I just caught the show in Lubbock Texas and it was awesome. The whole band was fired up and ready to play. Sammy was at his absolute best vocally and talking S%#T the whole night. Eddie was as amazing as he was when I caught the show in 95. Truly a guitar GOD. Mike pounding out his bass was solid as a rock. Alex was as steady as anything and I am sure he can teach one of my best friends who is a percussionist a few things. The show rocked from the beginning to the end and I was on my feet the whole time.

I just can't wait to see the boys in Albuquerque on October 2nd.

Charley McEuen


Sammy and the guys proved you can still rock the house in a "dry" building! That's right, United Spirit Arena - on the campus of Texas Tech University - is a non-alcoholic building. Sammy and the guys made it up to us with an absolutely intoxicating rock & roll experience!

I'm one of the very lucky few to be able to watch the show from Eddie's side of the golden ring, and I must say that I have a profound appreciation for his trademark "Brown Sound". Seated directly in front of his monster rack, your chest rumbles from the chords, yet it's very soft on the ears. Amazing! Eddie was an awesome host, cutting up with the audience as he launched into a largely brand new solo. All kinds of new tricks and an extended version of Cathedral that just knocks your socks off. We were also surprised to have been joined inside the golden ring by a couple of Eddie's special guests - Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul from Pantera.

Sammy once again proved his uncanny ability to make you feel like he's playing the show just for you, even though you're one among thousands. Alex is still the one true Thunder God and Mikey's vocal range never ceases to amaze. Even though Lubbock was a relatively small venue, the band treated us as if we were Madison Square Garden. They pulled no punches, cut no corners, and treated us all like pure gold!

Thank you Sammy! Thank you Eddie! Thank you Mike! Thank you Alex!

And hello to all the new friends from Dallas, Wichita Falls and Albuquerque that we made in the Golden Ring!

Someone PLEASE post pictures of this once in a lifetime show!

W. Ward
Clovis, NM


I have seen VH play 10 times during the past 20+ years and have seen Sammy
separately an additional 15+. Last night was absolutuely the best show
ever. West Texas has never been rocked like this before; the boys played an
energized 2 hours 20 minutes with songs from all era's including "Humans

The FIVE star treatment was exceptional and it was a treat to hear Eddie
during soundcheck! He seemed very resolved and animated during our 20
minute private concert, where new versions of "Jump" or "spring" if you are
Dutch. This is a private joke for those who attended the check.

They all seemed well rested for the show and everyone let it all hang out!
Sammy was everwhere, Mikey looked great and sounded better and Alex was the
"ROCK" and of course Ed was his killer self. His unformatted solo was
mesmerizing, and he continues to amaze.

For those who have the opprtunity, get the five star!

John Wright