Past Event

Sep 28 2004
SBC Arena
San Antonio, Texas


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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I went to the Van Halen show in San Antonio, and it was great. The best concert I've ever been to, and I?ve been to the Stones, Aerosmith, Styx, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty. And I'm only 14. This show blew them all away. I had 7th Row seats and I flashed a CABO WABO t-shirt to Sammy and he talked to me (not on the mike) like 2 times...He looked at me and said stuff about 3 other times, until he told me to throw the shirt. My dad did and it reached the stage. He wore it for about 2 minutes then signed it and gave it back..Those guys are the nicest people you'll ever meet. Sammy was so nice even when he got hit in the head with a CD. This show was so the greatest show of all time.......Thanks Eddie, Sammy, Michael, and Alex..All of yall put on a great show..

-Trey Worth


Incredible!!! Just an unbelievable experience to see this band back together and rockin' their asses off !! The set
list was pretty much the same as the Dallas show and
lasted almost 2 1/2 hours (8:30 until 10:55). Even then the
guys didn't want to leave the stage as Eddie kept pumping
his fist into the air and firing up the crowd. No doubt the
band appreciates its loyal fans and really loves doing what
they do. Four months into the tour and they are still giving
everything they've got every night! Sammy was his usual
singinghisassoff perfect front man self - truly awesome!
Eddie - what can you say - his guitar playing is just jaw
dropping amazing, words can't do it justice. I can't get
over the energy level these guys put out night after night!
We had the 5 Star package and I echo what others have
stated -- this is an awesome way to experience the show.
The soundcheck was unreal -- Eddie, Alex and Michael and
about 50 of us just jammin' out. Here's hoping the guys
put out a DVD of the tour and then tour again because it doesn't get any better!
David B


Just went to see Van Halen last night in San Antonio...AWESOME!!!! I've
seen VH three times now, and they actually seemed MORE energetic and crazy
then on the Balance tour. Sammy was in top form. He looked fit, and
sounded better than ever. EVH played good, though when he talked to the
crowd, he seemed a little drunk to me. His solo was O.K., not as tight as
he usually is, but he was great on the songs. The whole band seemed to be
having fun with each other, and great interaction with the crowd! I would
have like to hear more songs instead of bass/drum solos, but I have to say
Alex's solo was pretty impressive. Let's hope they good feelings continue
and we get a new CD after the tour is over...

Jason Buck