Past Event

Sep 11 2004
Office Depot Center
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.


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Talk about fire!! The boys were really on last night in Ft. Lauderdale. My wife, two friends, and I traveled from Miami to see the boys in action, and I can confidently say for all four of us - and the rest of the fans at the Office Depot Center - that Sammy, Mickey, and the brothers Van Halen showed what a first class veteran rock band is all about - top notch!! The band did not disappoint last night . . . and boy, with the third year anniversary of 9/11 and the hurricane damage in South Florida and elsewhere in the state, this awe-inspiring performance was truly welcomed.

Sammy, you are the man. My allegiance to VH pre-dates the Red Rocker, but with all of the Sammy era accomplishments, as well as Sammy's pre- and post-VH work, there is no doubt in my mind that this reunion reflects the Red Rocker's billing as the top VH frontman!! As for last night, Sammy's singing was right on, and his range, in particular, was impressive. He appeared to really be having fun, as shown with his constant interaction with the other band members and the fans. He made the fans feel right at home, drinking with some, slapping high fives with others, and signing loads of autographs. Sammy's 9/11 tribute with Eagles Fly and Hallelujah - together with the red, white, and blue lights - was inspiring!! Way to go Red Rocker!!

Eddie . . . what can you say. The man is the consummate artist on the guitar. Before the show, Eddie came on the side of the stage and began interacting with fans. When he did his solo, Eddie just took off, and there was no stopping him. Like Sammy, it appeared that Eddie was really having fun on stage. In fact, at the end of the concert, he and the others kept interacting with the fans - a fact that did not go unnoticed. Just before he walked off, Eddie proclaimed his hope that we fans had as much fun has he had had. Brother, rest assured, we did . . . and then some!!

Michael showed that he can still hit the high vocals well and play a mean bass guitar. His performance on Somebody Get Me a Doctor was fantastic. We had a lot of fun jamming to that song!!

Alex, like the rest of the boys, was on. His solo was spectacular.

All in all, this was the best VH concert that I have attended. My hope is that the band will work together post-tour to release an album or two and keep us coming back for more!!

Miami, Florida


Well last night we saw the return of the MIGHTY VAN HALEN back to SOUTH FLORIDA!!! Well, "IT"S ABOUT TIME," because last night was a truly memorable show that we should see more often. From the opening chords of JUMP to the last chorus of "WHEN IT"S LOVE" everyone was on their feet for the entire show enjoying themselves. My wife and I had 5 STAR all access passes so we were 3rd row dead center to take in the incredible concert. Alex, EDDIE, Michael and SAMMY were certainly in top form tonight, and they all looked great! Set list was the same as other shows, and I would say their were 12-13,000 people in attendance. HOw SAmmy's voice gets better and better with age is a total mystery..I guess he is a like a fine tequlla that contines to get better with time!!! Biggest crowd response was probably WHY CAN'T THIS BE LOVE, UNCHAINED, BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, and DREAMS! And as far as the ROTH TUNES go...hey I wish they would play just one more ROTH tune so we can all enjoy as SAMMY just soars on them like he did last night. Seriously, I know in the past he may have not given all on ROTH's songs, but those days are long gone. SAMMY breathed new life and energy into PANAMA, JUMP, UNCHAINED, etc. Believe me, ROTH's tunes have never sounded this good live vocally....EVER! CASE CLOSED. Well, we just want to thank the mighty Van Halen for a truly spectatcular night, please, please let's not wait for years to come back to SUNNY SOUTH FLORIDA! WE LOVE VAN HALEN DOWN HERE AND CAN'T WAIT TO BE "STANDING ON TOP OF THE WORLD" ONCE AGAIN!!!!

Ft Lauderdale, FL


I just wanted to thank Sammy and VH for not leaving us hanging through a
really tough week of hurricanes and warnings in South Florida. You have no
idea what that meant to us.

Everyone has been stressed and depressed around here and this was just what
the doctor ordered. I was really dragging until last night and I think this
show was the first time I smiled and had fun for a solid week or two! That's
what Van Halen is all about anyway right? The show was amazing, tighter than
the Washington DC show I saw which was also great. Nice 9/11 tribute from
Sammy. It was weird with the hurricanes and it being 9/11 I managed to
forget the world's worries and just unwind!

That was one of the most energetic shows I have ever seen (of any band, and
have seen Van Halen many times as well). You turned the clocks back on
genetics, and proved once again you not only still rock, but kick serious
ass. It really shows when a band is genuinely having fun and the stage
presence just happens naturally (Naturally Wired).

Sammy thank you for stickin it out after injuring your foot on the beach, I
could tell you were kind of hurting by the end of the show when you ran out
to the side stage, but still ran all over the place and did a great show. I
will hunt down the chump that left broken glass on the beach and give them
the world's worst Atomic Wedgie, then pour some of Mikey's Hot Sauce on
their chafed ass giving them the hemorrhoids from hell.

Come back soon! We look forward to some more new music from both Sammy and
VH! I can't wait this long again to have this much fun!
My friend is also now a certified VH fan (yes it is now public), she has
always liked Sammy but that was her first VH show.

Jon D.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


I've been going to show since 1991, and am a huge fan of all phases of vh( yes even gary). This show flat out fuckin rocked. WOW!!! what energy. what happiness in there faces. I can't say enough how much I loved this show. Sammy sounded perfect almost 5150ish, Mike was his usual awsome self, Alex was ridiculous, godlike I've never heard him that sharp and on. His solo was insane. and last ,but not least, the man the myth the legend EDDIE. He was like a little kid jumping around like he just won the lottery, but a kid that plays like eddie van halen. Man was he on too, old licks, new licks. just awesome.any way enough jammerin..hand down phenominal show



Oh my god where do I begin. Ten years in the making and even muther f'ng nature herself tried to prevent this show from happening, but nothing was going to stop this concert .

From the opening til the end the boys rocked the house with Hurricane force. (maybe thats why Ivan went west). Though the crowd was small by sellout standards (maybe 12 thousand out of possible 20, likely due to the past weeks weather and potential bad weather to come) we came strong and got more than our moneys worth.
Set list was similar to other shows on the tour but the house definitely blew up big when they broke into "Unchained". Other song highlights included "Dreams", "Seventh Seal". "5150" , "Poundcake" etc. Each solo was awesome, though Eddie stopped for a second after he nearly got hit by something someone threw. (wasnt anything dangerous but he did say it was distracting, and that what he was doing was basically just jamming and that it required concentration)

Apparently Eddie fell asleep by the pool as he was sunburned on his chest except for some tape that read "5150" across his midriff. (really glad to see the guys still play jokes on one another).

Eddie appeared to get choked up by the "EDDIE" chants that began as soon as he appeared on the side of the stage to warm up, right on throught the end of the concert. However Edward, cancer isnt enough of a reason to stop smoking cigarettes? How about staying alive long enough to be there for your kids and you fans?

All in all an amazing night and one I wish I could have on CD/DVD to enjoy the rest of my life. Please do a concert CD/DVD of this tour.

Oh and by the way, come back to South Florida real soon.

Carl Kanas
Sunrise Florida