Past Event

Sep 9 2004
St. Pete Times Forum
Tampa, Florida


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.


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With all of the bad weather that has rolled through Florida lately, we needed a night like last night to forget our troubles. Not to sound like a broken record from what we've all heard from previous reviews, but the guys were on fire! Cutting to the chase, Sammy is the reigning best lead of any band ever. Period. I have seen many Van Halen shows over the years and my share of Wabo (yeah!) shows, and I do not understand how Sammy gets better and more energetic each time. The personality of all the guys shined through last night more than ever and they seemed genuinely excited and grateful to be playing for us.

My sister and I were in the golden ring on Michael's side and had a blast with him. Thanks for the refreshments Michael! We sure didn't want to leave our post to go to concessions. When Sammy first came out, he walked over to us, saw my Cabo shirt and put his hand to his heart. When he saw my tears he grabbed my hand. He is so damn nice! He had a whole crowd to play for! When Sammy jumped down in the pit with us, signed my shirt, danced with us and let us scream into his microphone - well... call the paramedics! When I saw Sammy and the Wabos 7 years ago, a Waborita (the drink) was passed to me from the stage. I was pregnant and had to pass it on. Not last night! Sammy walked out with a shot, did half of it and handed the glass to me. Sharing a drink with Sammy - doesn't get any better than that!

I did have trouble keeping track of all the songs, so I look forward to someone posting the setlist. They did rock for about 2 hours 15 mins. though! Thank you Sammy from the bottom of my heart! Your energy, smile, guitar playing (what a kick ass solo!!) and magical voice are, and always will be, second to none!!

Face Down!
~Patty Heimann