Past Event

Aug 5 2004
America West Arena
Phoenix, Arizona


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to BB/bugzbaird for the set list!



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This was my first Van Halen after having been a fan since 1984. I saw the Sam and Dave tour twice but had never heard Eddie, Mike and Alex playing live. I had golden ring tickets which placed me inside the stage.

Within 15 minutes of the concert starting Eddie Van Halen high fived me which if the concert would have ended right there it would have made my night. Sammy sat down right inside the pit and then jumped in right in front of me I grabbed him and patted him on the back. He was incredible generous on stage with the fans signing and showing off everything the fans gave him.

The music was unbelievable highlights for me "Why Cant This Be Love", "Dreams", "Poundcake", It's About Time","Eagles Fly" and just about everything else they played had energy and enthusiasm both from the band and the fans.

My dream to see my favorite band came true. Thank you Van Halen for getting back together and treating the fans with such respect.

Carlos M.
Casa Grande, Arizona


Dear Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Michael,

I wanted to thank you for an awesome night. It has been over 10 years since I have been able to rock with my “boys”. It was great! I have come to love the Wabo’s, as it was my only fix for 10 years, and there is part of me that misses them. So I will take care of that by catching them in Tahoe Wabo. But the energy of Sammy, Eddie, Alex & Mikey are matched by no other. The stage was awesome, the play list very wide in selection, and the four of you acted like you had never left. Sammy, you have an incredible gift of loving what you do, and since the days of Montrose, you have always “given” that energy to your fans. It was there again last night, and what you give to the fans just brings out Eddie’s, Alex’s, and Michael’s love of music even more. It is an energy that is as pure as the first rock chord strung on an electric guitar. I don’t know what really happened, who did what to who, because you can’t believe the media, and I didn’t have to live with you guys 24/7, but who ever put the weapons down first, again, THANK YOU. Rock and Roll is a hard industry, and when magic is formed, it is pure, and VAN HAGAR is PURE. Eddie looked and sounded great, Alex is always Alex! And I can’t think of seeing Mike having more fun than with this line up. You guys are great, awesome, and incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 5150 studios is back in action, and it feels great. I hope that this is the beginning of what once was the GREATEST Rockers to take the stage in my generation. You guys started this back in 1986, and it should have never stopped. I hope this time it continues. One last thing, over the years, I know of one person who took a lot of grief, heat, etc. for his associations with Sammy, and I believe had it not been for his involvement, we might still be waiting for a reunion, THANK YOU MICHAEL ANTHONY! It was great catching you with Sammy at Cabo, Sammy’s last opener in Tucson/Phoenix, and a few other spots I accidentally caught you. The music is back, the boys are back, Van Halen is ALIVE and WELL!!! I have amps ringing in my head, songs rocking my soul, and a headache that has Cabo Wabo written all over it, THANK YOU!!!

A true VAN HAGAR fan,



What an experience I will never forget!! The show was FANTASTIC! I had a Golden Ring ticket and I had the best seat in the arena. Michael went above and beyond to make us in the ring a part of the show. You can tell just not from Michael, but the whole band seems to be happy back together. I think the highlight was when Sammy came into the ring and slapped our hands.. But what really me got was Edward. After his solo the crowd started to chant EDDIE, EDDIE, his emotions were so genuine of gratefulness After what he’s been through in the last four years, he showed to me that he is so HAPPY to be up on that stage. Hope to see the boys again soon! Thanks Michael for the pick, and the beer!

Matt in Phoenix


What a thrill to see this band back together again. You've probably read
some past reviews and fan notes already. They're right - this show is
outstanding. The band exploded onto the stage and put on a true rock show.
The crowd screamed out lyrics with Sammy and danced like they were part of
the band. Without a doubt, VH knows how to capture an audience's attention
and entertain them, nonstop, for two straight hours. We left AWA sweat
covered with sore throats and ringing ears...WOW! Thanks to Sammy, Eddie,
Alex, and Michael for putting together a show I thought I would never be
able to see again. We really had a great time.

That being said; I would like to add how much I missed having Sammy and the
Waboritas play a Phoenix date this year. Don't get me wrong. Having VH
together again is truly an historic event and I still can't believe how
great the show was. It was awesome and I expected nothing less from this
phenomenal band. It truly was an amazing performance, just different. This
was a full-blown arena rock show. But when Sammy plays with the Wabos it
feels a more intimate. More like a party. I want to go that party again!
Guess I had better start planning an October trip to Cabo!

Thanks again for a great show. See you next time around!
Shawn Cibbarelli


In 2002, we saw the Sam and Dave tour in West Palm. When Mike came
out, that was fantastic, and the closest I thought we'd ever get to
seeing VH on stage again. West Palm (and the Waboritas) was great,
but Phoenix . . .

We flew over from Belgium and did the 5*. I figured why go part way,
and so we bid on the Rings. Ended up in Mike's Ring and I can't say
enough positive things about it.
At soundcheck Mike signed my Belgian license plate and talked to me a
bit. We talked about how my wife and I came over for the Phoenix and
Vegas show - everything I have seen and heard about Mike was dead-on,
he's a nice down-to-earth guy.

Being in Mike's Ring was great. I slapped hands with Mike once and
with Sam a few times. Ed never made it over to our side (but that's
ok - probably because he is tethered by that cord). Mike was wireless
and was running all over the place.

Sam GOT INTO our ring at some point - can't remember which song but I
shook hands with him again and everyone in the ring was patting him on
the back or hi-fiving. It was very cool to see him do that. I don't
think he got into Ed's ring.

Throughout the whole night Sammy was giving hi-fives and signed what
he could (and then some). Mike was tossing picks, bringing or sharing
drinks and was just ON the whole night. Mike's Got Crabs? T shirt
was great, as was the Mr. T shirt he wore later (got a picture of
that). These guys really get it (they appreciate their fans).

Sam signed my lic. plate during Dreams - very cool for him to do that
in front of 13 or more some thousand fans (place was packed). After
signing, he handed the plate back - I was so elated I didn't realize
he was holding the pen behind him - I clued in eventually and took the
pen back and gave him a bit of a handshake.

During Right Now, I held up our banner "RIGHT NOW people are here from
EUROPE to see VH" with the help of one of the other guys in the ring.
I held it in front of me such that I couldn't see what was going on on
stage. When I peered around it, I saw Sammy making a bee line for
me. He took it and held it up for the arena (I didn't see that part
because I dropped my head like I can't believe this is really
happening!). Sammy wore it for the song, signed it and gave it back.
It simply does not get much better than that. I was out of film so I
missed getting a picture - I'd pay for one.

After When Its Love, Mike's wife (Sue) and daughter came up to my wife
and asked if we were really from Belgium. Yes, we live there/here
now. I was still reeling from the show and had no clue what was going
on initially. Apparently, Sue and Mike's daughter noticed the shirts
we had on {they read "I came from Belgium to see VH because It's About
Time"). Sue & Mike's daughter thought that was great and put a
handful of Mike's picks into my wife's hand. Since the ring was just
starting to empty out, we shared the picks with the other folks in the
pit. We talked a bit more with Sue as we exited the ring and thanked
them multiple times. Damn nice for them to do that and very much

I want to thank Sammy, Mike, Alex, and Eddie for coming back
together. I have been a fan of VH for over 20 years and really
appreciate the chance to see them live again. As we left the arena, I
told my wife I don't see how this concert could have been any better.
We came a long way for this tour and there's no question we'd do it
again. If there is a European leg of this tour, we'll be there.
Your loyal Belgian-based Fans - Jason & Kelly

-Jason S. Maddox


AWESOME SHOW! Sam played Halleluja after eagles fly which was wofie and no 316 during eds solo..Sammy also said Phoenix was like Cabo without the beach...GREAT SHOW GOOD TIME..OFF TO VEGAS NOW SEE YA THERE!

- Nick Hull