Past Event

Jul 31 2004
Qwest Center
Omaha, Nebraska


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Bill & Maureen Lowery for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Oh, what a summer! This year the old man and I decided to say f*ck the college savings plans.. , we're cashing out and going to Tahoe..and Omaha! After an autographed cowboy hat in Tahoe and a brush w/ Toby Keith, I thought life couldn't get any better... enter 5 Star package. Quoting my husband "besides the birth of my children. and my wedding day (that last event mentioned so not to receive a vasectomy performed by myself with a dull knife and alcohol swab) this was the best day of my life".. I couldn't agree more with said husband. Talk about partying like a rockstar!! From the moment I strapped that VH backstage pass around my neck, to drinking myself into oblivion, to stuffing myself w/ chicken wings, to a reunion with Sammy's cilantro, to swapping stories with other "fun-attics" (something only a true redhead can relate to), to experiencing sound check, to actually getting noticed by Michael Anthony!! (which I'm sure he doesn't remember, but I always will ~ you're my favorite Mikey!!) I'd like to say it was because I'm so hot, but it was because of my fine choice of attire... a Mad Anthony tank, to winning nothing at the raffle and booing everyone that did, to drinking myself into oblivion (did I already say that?), to touring the backstage, to holding myself back from knocking over the allaccess girl and reveling in the S & M room, to having my teeth and tonsils plastered on the jumbo screen about 5 times while singing my heart out to an unparalleled set list, to dreaming about having boobs as big as the girl that flashed them onstage, to nearly scatching out a redhead wannabe's eyeballs while she tried to take over my seat, to permanently harming my eardrums from watching the concert from the front frigging row, baby! Earplugs are for pussies! .. it was no less than a slice of Heaven. I loved every minute of it and wished it would never end, but... here I am back at work wasting the company dollar while writing a review to submit to I really am a VH nerd!

Thanks for a great time! And Michael. next time could you please sign my shirt!? I mean, how many times do I have to yell it before you give in!!

-Becky Sterner


I had to tell you about the biggest thrill of my life! I was lucky enough to have front row tickets to the July 31st show in Omaha. I've been a fan since the first album, have all the albums & have seen every tour within a six hour drive of Des Moines, IA. I've seen VH six time now, and Sammy individually 5 times. And I can honestly say, I've never seen them play better!

Not only did they play well, but their enthusiasm was outstanding! Eddie danced around, talked to the crowd more than I've ever seen & his solo was remarkable. Mike used his JD guitar for his solo. Alex pounded through his solo with absolute energy. And Sammy, what else........awesome as always! He played to the crowd as usual & involved everyone there. Truly the best VH party ever!

I brought along my 5150 album cover, and Sammy was gracious enough to sign it for me. The awesome seats & the album signing put me on 'cloud nine'.

Sammy came back a little later & borrowed my sharpie to sign some things for other fans. We were singing along to all the songs & the show was incredible. All the guys were on, Eddie was fantastic & the energy was outstanding!

When they played 'Ain't Talking About Love', Sammy sat on the stage right in front of me, my wife & best friend. I was singing along, and when it came to the line 'I've been to the edge, & there I stood & looked down', Sammy put the microphone in my face. I just jumped right in and sang the lyrics as best I could. I know the song by heart, but was a little stunned. Sammy was smiling big time & I was smiling back in between phrases. He gave me a high five & took off to finish the song. What a rush! We found out later it was on the jumbo screen.

I don't know if anyone out there has a picture of this, but it would be a memento I could pass along to my children.

Any way, I just wanted to say thank you to the band for the show, all their years of work, and the wonderful memories they have given me! ROCK ON SAMMY!!

- Jeff F.


Seeing Van Halen live in concert is the reason I was born with ears.



Going to the VH concert at the qwest center was probably the best early birthday present my dad could ever give me, even if I did almost get knocked over by Wolfie backstage! Though I may be only a teen, I grew up with Van Halen because of my dad and ever since I was introduced to them, I've always loved them. Thanks Sammy, Eddie, Alex, Michael, and my dad for making my night worth while!



I waited 12 long years to see the mighty VH again. IT WAS KICK ASS!! Thank you Sammy, Ed, Mike and Al!! Great time was had.

Dave K


Aloha Redheads !!!

We had an awesome time at the OMAHA show, 7/31 !!!
Took way too long to get my pics up because of ,,, well,,, that
nasty filthy four letter word that I HATE to say,,, and hope i don't
offend anyone,,, WORK!!!

HEY ,, gotta pay for those tickets somehow!

Anyway,,, i must say,, 5 star??? YES YES YES !!! For a fan of this
band it is a must!!! Do whatever it takes to make it there!

When we walked into the Quest center, they told us that all 5 stars
were in row 3 or better,,, yahoo!!!

When i opened my envelope,,, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BABY!!!!! front row ,
damn near dead center!,, about one seat from the point of the stage.

The only bad part was that time just went too fast,,, it was like
being in a time warp,,, so much happening ,, so much to see,, it
just blew me away! I have rocked my ass off for a very long time,,
have ALMOST seen it all,, but this one kicked my ass! I will be
high on this one for a very long time!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE AUTOGRAPHS SAMMY!!!,,, and the stinkystolen hotel towel,, and thanks for the cigarette Eddie!!! (it's on my guitar now!!!)

Of course Sammy was the MAN !!! And really that is what i went to
see! I did the onstage thing last year opening night in Tuscon,,,
and that was still probably the best so far,, got to meet the Red
Rocker there,,, Tahoe Wabo opening night,,, what can i say,,, that
was unbelivable!!!,,,

But this was damn near a tie for first place in my heart!!

There was definately magic in the air that night in Omaha!!! As any
REDHEAD would know,, Sammy just has a way,,, you know what i mean,,,
of letting that magic flow,,, and it worked again that night!!! I
will explain a little more of THIS story in the future,, it is very
exciting , and i feel like the luckiest man alive!

Yes,,, i had a little security prick in front of me ,,, but i was
snaping pics no matter what!! He was all over me too from the first
pic. The pics of Ed and Wolfie I had to shoot FROM THE HIP,,,
cause he was getting tired of seeing my camera and bitching at me!
I can't believe i got as good of shots as i did! I was on the rail,
and one time he saw me pulling the camera out of my pocket and
stopped me right there!!! He resorted to blocking some of the pics
with his hand!!!

What a rent a cop!!! I'm sure he will go far! lol. I will get
replys sticking up for the guy,,, saying "he was JUST doing his
JOB,,, (sob)!!! yea,, why cant that kid at burger king do his???

I think i got some good pics, for just using a disposable (digital
quality) cam.

The first one Sammy is definately UP FOR BREAKFAST!!! Did he get
the Bananna out at any other shows??? And the 2nd pic,, hmmmmmmm,,
what is UP with that shadow??

I hope you enjoy them.

Van Halen virgin no more!!!

See ya in Cabo!