Past Event

Aug 1 2004
Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Wow! What can I say? Thanks to the reunion between Sammy and his other VH band-mates I have finally seen them on stage together. While wearing my "Redhead" red T-shirt in support of my favorite performer, I screamed until I lost my voice, stood in my seat, jumped in rhythm to the music and chastised the guys next to me who were quite rude and disrespectful when Sammy had his way too short solo.

Apparently, the local press did not give them a good review....what do they know? Even the most generous food critic can over-sample his favorite dish and grow OVERLY critical of it. From where I was sitting, not close enough, the sound was fantastic, the energy from the band unmatched and every person who could stand was on their feet with arms raised singing along at the top of their lungs. Sammy, Alex, Eddie and Mike looked like they were genuinely having a great time. The most touching moment was when Eddie's son came out to play with him. Wolfgang walked out to a cheering crowd.

Many have criticized the group playing old hits but for those of us who love them that's what we were looking forward to the most. Speaking for myself if was great to finally hear all of my favorites being played in person! If they were to have exactly the same setlist next tour I would still look forward to hearing it again. Those songs are timeless!

My favorite moment, when Sammy was singing Eagles Fly and a short version of Hallelujah.

What would I like to see change if there is another tour? Shorten Eddie's solo, extend Sammy's solo and eliminate the opening band. The goal for me for the next tour, whether he plays with the Wabo's or VH will be to get closer to the front and finally receive an autographed ANYTHING!

Peace, love and see ya' in Cabo!

Carole in Denver


WOW- I have been looking forward to this concert ever since i heard they were getting back together. I have always been a die hard Sammy and VH fan through and through, i grew up listening to all their music from the earliest to now. This is so special to me because i have never seen all of them in a concert. I have traveled to every Sammy Concert here in Colorado, but never seen him with VH and all i got to say is i hope to see them again and for them to put out more new and rocking songs. I was in the 1st section and i thought that the stage was amazing the light and the sound was great, like always Sammy gets into the crowd and sings every song like it is his 1st time and puts all his passion into, and i have got ot say that Michael, Eddie,Alex and even Wolfgang were awesome

Thanks,,see ya on the road

Loyal Redrocker and VH Fan


Grand Junction, CO