Past Event

Jul 25 2004
Ford Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Tyler Hull for the set list!


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 1  Redhead Comment

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Loved Sammy doing duet with Toby Keith and the added lyrics that was added to have dvd of this show...

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All I can say is, it's about time! This isn't some bullcrap reunion tour. This is the real deal. Hard, exciting, balls-to-the-wall kick-ass rock & roll. Absolutely wears you out by the end of the night. Sammy deserves our thanks for putting his successful solo career on hold for VH version 4. For him to believe in the magic that VH creates together so strongly that he did this truly says everything that needs said about the man. Sammy, Ed, Mike, Alex...thank you. It's been WAY too long.

Jeff Aldridge


The Oklahoma City show was AWESOME! Alex's drum solo was
killlller.....Sammy sang awesome, Mike was throwin down great vocals and
Eddie was allover the stage AND tight on the guitar work. The stage lights,
screens were very very cool. No complaints about the set and Toby Keith
joining Sammy onstage was very cool for the OKC audience. I'll be seeing VH
at Dallas and Lubbock!
Thanks guys for a great 2 hour show......we screamed as loud as we could!

Joel W


Awsome show. It was exactly 2 years to the day that Sammy played at the same
place, when he was touring with the bald guy, this tour was much better. I
really enjoyed Shinedown. It was great to see Toby Keith come out on stage
and do a song with Sammy, but even better Wolfgang came out and played a
tune with his dad. That young man has a lot of talent, and I hope to hear
more from him in the future. The show was fantastic, it was as if there was
never a "break" in the Van Halen tour. Sammy really pours himself out into
the crowed and gives the music his all. I hope they have many more to come.
If any of you haven't seen a show yet, you must attend. Things are going
great Sammy, keep up the good work!

Julie R.