Past Event

Jul 26 2004
Kemper Arena
Kansas City, Missouri


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Judy Heinitz and Scott D for the set list!


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This Van Halen Kansas City concert on July 26, 2004, was absolutely EXCELLENT. We are diehard VH fans and have waited a long time for this. Like the song.........It's About Time. Seeing them all together on stage again was really moving. Every song they picked to do was perfect. A little bit of songs from "both worlds" and they all had lots of energy. These guys have always looked great together and to this day still look great together. Lots of energy and so much talent. The stage set up for the show was really cool and Sammy made sure that he covered both sides running around on the ramps. Eddie, Alex and Michael all did great. They are just all so talented. And it was really a great moment when Wolfgang came out to play with his Dad. It was so good to see them together out there. We are from Oklahoma City and went to that concert too but liked this concert better in Kansas City. Better crowd and more energy flowing through the audience. Our car even broke down along the way on the freeway getting there and at 5 pm still sitting in Wichita with an overheated engine.........we were still bound and determined to get to Kansas City. The tickets were in our glovebox and they were not going to go unused. Drove our overheated car to the Wichita airport through construction detours with no water flowing thru the engine. Got to the airport and four rental car agency counters later........we finally found one agency who still had a car left to rent. What's funny about it is, it was the same kind of car we own and it was the only one she had left!! I fell to the floor laughing/crying at that point in disbelief but we took it. Left our car at the airport, jumped into the rental and off we went. At one point, 98 miles an hour. Yes, we were going to get there. Got to the Kemper Arena parking area at 7:45 pm. Got into our seats and looked at each other and said, we are HERE! It's an absolute miracle. We made it and nothing was going to stop us. Still had to deal with our car and getting it home to Oklahoma City but at that point, we forgot all about it because Van Halen was all that mattered. We love them and would give anything just to see them get back together and stay together. Yes, they have all matured and gotten over the disagreements from the past. They have moved on and these guys were made for each other. They are like all brothers. Thousands and thousands of fans they have. I hope when this tour is all over they sit back and really realize just how many fans they still have and all over the country can still "fill a house" with them all. It was great to see some Dads bringing their sons to see them in the audience too. A whole new generation of Van Halen fans. We are in our 40's now and have never missed a VH concert. I still have most of my ticket stubs. One is from when I snuck out of the house when I was 17 back in 1980. They played in Oakland, CA. My Dad told me I couldn't go because I was not 18. Well I was there and have the ticket stub to prove it with the $9.50 admission price on it. Tickets are in triple digits these days and I would be there if they were 4 digits. They just can't quit now!!..........

Judy Heinitz from Edmond, Oklahoma.


What a night!! Sammy and the boys back together as it should be!!! It's ALL good! I have been waiting for this to happen for 8 LOOONG years. I went with my 3 best buddies and we were stoked!
The band came out and just plain slapped us in the face with the raw energy! I am not a big "Jump" fan, but man did it sound great! To finally see and hear Sammy sing "Humans Being" was great! Why he didnt do it on any of his solo shows, I will never know. When they did "Somebody Give Me a Doctor" I was expecting just Mike, Al, and Ed to play it. But thought it was very cool to see Sammy singing back up and some lead on that song. See Sammy, it is ok to sing the old stuff?
Alex's drum solo was very good!! Ed's solo made me sad. I love this guy and as a HUGE VH fan I am really concerned for Ed. He went on to play his solo and if you closed your eyes and just could have sworn you were listening to Michael Anthony's bass solo again. Ed was just up their noodling with his effects. When he did stand up, he walked into his mike stand. I just felt bad as he apologized to the audience and that he would play something more familiar to us. I just hope this was an off night for him and that he is not like this every night. When Wolfgang came out, a few of us thought, "Man his kid has to see him like this."
Their set was incredible and they sounded incredible. They looked very happy to be up there together. I was looking forward to Mike, Sam and Ed doing their 5150 walk, which ended up being just Mike and Sam. I noticed Ed turned to follow, but he's not chordless this year. I pray there will be an album and another tour next year!!!
Thanks guys for a very memorable night!! And thanks to the 3 blondes behind us.......especially the one not married.



The VH show in KC was killer. All the guy's sounded great. Eddie is in great shape and sounded as good as ever. Wolfy and Eddie played 316 it was awesome. Like Eddie said Wolfgang is the future. The only complaints I have are the local radio stations complaints about the band. The local radio stations need to school up on VH history before they talk nonsense about the greatest band on earth. Also I think Eddie deserves a lot of credit for coming back to live performing after his battle with cancer and his divorce.

Chance Kiggins