Past Event

Jun 16 2004
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.


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Well This show was incredible. I was at the show with my dad (47), my brother
(16), and myself (21). We had never seen Van Halen before but have been huge
fans. We attended the Sam and Dave Tour but this was something very special.
We sat 7th row slight right center. We were about 15ft from Eddie and for my
brother who plays the gutiar and being it that Eddie is like a Hero to him it
was amazing. The song selection was great and every song sounded awsome. Sammy
can really belt it out and sounded awsome. Eddie's guitar playing was well
worth the price of the tickets. Being that there has been so much controversy
over this band over the years to see them have soo much fun together on stage
was something really cool. The three of us go to alot of concerts and rarely
see that much fun going on onstage between the members of the band. My dad and
Brother were also at the show a few days later at East rutherford and said that
was just as good. And Sam if you get to read this, not that you will remember,
you noticed and pointed to my little brother who was hold a sign saying "See
you in Cabo Sammy '05 face down".. And that is right brother..I am graduating
college next year and as my graduation gift my family and I are going to
CABO....can't wait..See you there FACE DOWN...p.s. new songs sound
awsome...Please stick around and bring back the good old rock and roll!

Joe Zdeb
Middletown, NJ