Past Event

Jun 14 2004
HSBC Arena
Buffalo, New York


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.


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 2  Redhead Comments

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Dynamite show....the band was awesome and Sammy was great!!

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The Buffalo Show was unbelievable. It was great to see the Red Rocker enter the stage dressed in what else: RED!!!!!! Sammy has not forgotten the Redheads by any stretch of the imagination. His voice has gotten better with time. Now down to business, Alex was absolutely astounding on his drum solo!!! Smoootheeeeeeee as butter. I will borrow from a quote I once heard that Eddie VanHalen is GOD in disguise playing guitar. You could not appreciate the skill, speed and strength he carries with him, truly a sight to see and have him in better health and still rocking. Michael A, the unkept secret belting out Somebody Get Me A Doctor!!! We all knew he can kick the back up vocals. It was great to see the ’old gang back together’. They truly enjoyed themselves. A great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocking in Rochester/ B. Hogan