Past Event

May 8 2004
Borgata Hotel Casino
Atlantic City, New Jersey


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to MichiganMike aka MM for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Wow what a show Sammy and the Waboritas kicked ass last night. We got there just in time to see the start of the show and it rocked all night. From beginning to end. Sammy was right when he said that "it felt like we have only just been up here for a half and hour and it was close to 2 hour set." The band just gives and the fans give it back. The guys in Van Halen better keep up with him and keep the party going. The hotel was beautiful and it could not have been a more better place to see such an amazing show. Can't wait to see him and the rest of the band again. By the way we went down and played some Blackjack and I came home with little over a thousand dollars so the night was even better because of that thanks for booking it at the casino. What a great night thanks to Sammy and the band you guys were great.

Thanks, JOBY.


Well..... Sammy, David, Vic, and Mona have done it again! The show last night was nothing short of amazing at this beautiful and intimate venue in Atlantic City. I still remember my disbelief at the e-mail I recieved announcing this show date a few months ago. Shortly afterword, the VH reunion was announced and it made this date seem even more unbelievable. But this is Sammy were talking about!.....Sammy takes care of his fans like no one else..........and that goes for the Waboritas as well. Vic, David, and Mona were working hard and obviously having a blast doing it. I've also never seen Sammy sign so much stuff in one show! It was amazing he could sing and sign so easily! The setlist was killer with songs such as "Both Sides Now", "Tropic of Capricorn", "Marching to Mars" and on and on. I just want to personally thank Sammy and the band for giving us one more chance to see them before the Van Halen tour, and as much as I'm looking forward to VH, I really hope we haven't seen the last of "Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas" because there is nothing like it!!!! It's way more than a rock concert when you see Sammy and the Wab's, it's an all day rock and roll party among friends!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!



Well they did it again !! The Waboritos and Sammy rocked last night in Atlantic City. We were lucky enough to stand in line for hours to get front row center ! What a performance, they rocked for over two hours without taking a break. Eddie you better be ready to rock this summer !! Well at least come October it's back to Cabo to see Sammy again with the hardest working band in the business !!
Thanks Again Sammy For The Pick And Signed Shirt !

Shawn & Ann-Marie
Westminster, Maryland



Saw Sammy last night. Best Show Ever !!! I was surprised that more wasn't
made out of this being the last solo show before Sammy rejoins the VH crew,
but the night was magical. Sammy always hits the nail on the head when he
tells the audience that "you guys get this shit", and his critics obviously
don't. He made references to how the critics make fun of his clothes and his
whole "party thing", but Sammy gave the fans all the credit. He said that we
are the party, and he just joins in. What an amazing dude. There is no hate
at a Sammy show. No mean spirited bull shit. Just Love and music. The fans
care about each other and show the most respect for one another. I watched
one fan lose his spot in the crowd to carry one Red Head who had a few too
many Waboritas over to safety. He didn't even know the dude. Oh, and the
bikini contest was by far, the coolest opening act. There was also serious
talk about opening another Cabo, right there in the Borgata, Atlantic City.
I believe that could happen. Oh, and there was very little mention of Van
Halen, other than Sammy saying, No matter what your feelings are about the
Summer tour, don't miss it, it's going to surprise you.

Thank You Sammy... We Love you always and Forever for doing it right...

Cheers to you and the Waborita's
Craig Cefola, West Nyack, NY


Although, I was only able to stay for about 2/3 of the show, I have to
thank Sammy and the band for such a kick-ass event. Rarely do you see a
musician/artist of Sammy's stature give such a show. He puts in 120%
whether it's a crowd the size of last night's ballroom (roughly 2500),
or whether it's a 40,000 fan arena. I drove 3 1/2 from the East End of
Long Island, and every second I was there for, was so worthwhile. A
beautful hotel, awesome looking set, and a die-hard Sammy crowd made it
a night to remember. I hope Sammy kept the yellow sneaker because I
will look for it on ebay! Thanks Sammy & the Wabos!

Ed Prete
New York


Another great show Sammy!!! It was even better that last years show with
lynard skynard. Non stop for over 2 hours straight. Great song list,
every one was awesome. The Cabo waitress girls were HOT!! What a great
show. I cant wait for the big VH reunion shows in June. What a great
place to hold a show, big enough to fit every one and small enough to get
really close without being mashed together. Great job to Sammy and the
waborita's. See you a few more time in June!!!!!
Thanks again for such a great show


...what can you say? No one performs like Sammy Hagar and the Waborita's. They are the hardest working band in the biz, and they know how to have a good time. Unbelievable energy...Sammy's voice was right on Saturday night. My brother and I drove 6 hours to witness this event. An event it was...Cabo Wabo all night...yikes!! That had to be their best show god!!
The set list was amazing. The drinks were awesome. The band was tight as hell. Thanks for a great party. See you with VH this summer. Please don't forget about the Wabo's. You guys are the best...
P.S. Mona, I love you!
Mike and Rick Leonard
Saratoga Springs, New York


Like all the other reviews said, this show was AWESOME! Sammy & the Waborita's kicked ass!!! The crowd was awesome too! We were upfront fanatics once again, and got to meet a some great REDheads! Before the show at 5pm we had the Tequila tailgate party which was pretty much just standing around eating burritto's & stirfry's (which were excellent!) and drinking Wabo's for 3 hrs. WOOOO-HOOOO!!! LOL! It was a perfect way to meet/mix & mingle with other REDheads! At 7pm they had a bikini contest, which we didn't see because we were upfront at the stage and the contest was all the way on the other side of the room. There was a lot of hooting and hollering going on though LOL. Finally the show started just after 8pm, and they were AWESOME! Mona seemed a little tired, but she still kicked serious ass! Vic & David, always at their best, and Sammy, well what can I say, he was totally into it!!!! Sammy signed many items! Thank you Sammy for signing my RED leather, it meant the WORLD to me!!!!!! They played for 2 hrs. and just like Sammy said it seemed like 1/2 hour! Hopefully he WILL open a new Cabo in the beautiful Borgata like he had mentioned. I couldn't tell you the setlist I was WAY to into the show, and my husband was taking the pics for me! During the show he did a few licks of little white lie, LOL and someone in the crowd said "play it for Eddie"!!! I died laughing, Sammy laughed, and said NO its' all good, and went on telling us to look forward to the VH tour it was going to be awesome, & we'll be surprised! It was very bittersweet being the last show w/ the Wabo's for a while! Thank you Sammy & the Waborita's for ANOTHER perfect nite!!!!! To all the REDhead's I got to meet there, you're all awesome and I hope to see you again!!! Redlove to all!

~~~Darlene & Don Bowry


Another great show by Sammy and the Wabos. I made the drive from Boston and worth every mile. From the beginning to the end, it was a great party. Being 20 feet from the stage just gives you a whole new energy. I can't wait to see VH back together again in Worcester next month, but hope we haven't seen the end of the Wabos. Vic, Mona and David kicked some ass!! Thanks for a great show.

Greg M

Boston, MA