Past Event

Oct 7 2003
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Tuesday night was GREAT!! The first night of the birthday bash really rocked. We are now Waborats not redheads anymore! That was a historic announcement! I wish Michael Anothony showed up and did some Van Halen songs but it was all good.

- Spike From California


Oct. 7, Tues morn my friend and I got up at 4:30 AM and went to the Cabo Wabo Cantina to stand in line for tickets. We got there at 5:15 AM and there was about 150 people in line already-- many on blankets and pillows and chairs camping out all night and we ended up being in about the middle of the line before it was all over. It was great weather and was really pretty neat talking to all the Sammy fans from all across the country sharing stories and then getting our tickets ( or should I say armbands) at 8:00 AM for the show---$20 each and we could each buy 2 apiece.
We got to the Cabo Wabo about 8:00 PM and found a good spot on the right hand side of the stage 2 ft from the stage. Sammy and the Waborita's came on at 9:30 PM and played this show completely by themselves. When Sammy 1st came on the stage he said he was about the straightest he had ever been for a show because they had partied too hard on the Weekend Mexican Meltdown and only had 2 days to recover. But the crowd was so excited that their enthusiasm soon spread over to the stage and Sammy and Mona and Vic soon really turned it on. Sammy really showed the fans appreciation and signed almost everything they sent up to the stage. The Waboritas sounded as tight and together as ever AND ran thru song after song mostly of theirs (with a couple of old Van Halen) until just after 11:00 PM. No encore - Sammy just says to the crowd "Have Fun -- I built this place for you!".

- Keith from Arkansas