Past Event

Oct 3 2003
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Dear Sammy,

My name is Sean O'Leary, I'm an 18 year old college student from Arcadia,CA. This past weekend I got the chance to see Sammy and the wabo's "face down in Cabo". Along with some friends. The show was the most exciting event I have ever seen. I missed the Friday show but was able to drag my buddies from a local bar at 3:00 am to line up for tickets to Saturdays show. My friends and I were able to get tickets and the whole day Saturday I was going 5150, I just couldn't wait for the show and the party to start.

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in chains rocked. His band and his guitar playing was awsome. I thought it was cool when he asked Sammy to come down and jam the last song with him. Sammy sang "man in the box" and it sounded bad Sammy sammy then decided to just roll the show into one big party, Sammy played songs of his own as well as some other bands songs. The place went nuts when Tommy Lee came out to play drums, and if that wasn't enough, Chad from RHCP also played. Chad and Tommy switched out on drums song for song. While Sammy and the Wabo's fucking rocked out the Cabo Wabo. Getting to see Sammy in his ''home" was unbelievable. And there I was, probably the youngest one in the Cabo Wabo, standing about two feet away from the Red Rocker himself, I thought that I dreaming. It was the coolest thing I ever done in my life. Let's face it, Eddie fucked up and Van Halen ain't shit without Sammy.

Sammy, I would like to thank you for everything you done in your life. Your inspiration that you give, the music you play is simply amazing, from "Eagles Fly" to "Rock Candy" to "Poundcake", the music and songs are unfrogettable. I just simply want to say THANK YOU! you are the best.

P.S. the DVD is awsome. And tell Dave that I almost caught the drum he tossed out after the show if it wasn't for some crazy chick with big tits.

Thank You
Sean O'Leary


Sammy Rocked Friday Night. His performance was great. I was up front all night and got to slap his hand many times though out the show. Tommy Lee was excelent. I thought he was going to break the drums he drummed so loud!

Spike From California


I just want to say it was mine & Glenn's 10th anniversary and we were in
Cabo on our honeymoon and Sammy was playing on the day we left.. We were
lucky enough to win the battle of the band with Eagle Radio Station in
Sacto, Ca and played in Dixon, CA to opened up for Sammy at the May Fair.
It was a blast to actually say next up is the "Red Rocker, Sammy
Hager".. I have opened up for other bands in a big venue but Sammy is
my all time idol of a singer of rock and roll and an inspiration to me as
a singer even though I am female. Rock on dude I was in the front with
my husband the guitar player on our anniversary, Tommie Lee's birthday on
Friday and we were there on and Sat. night.. You rocked .. It was a
pleasure to hear you sing Space Station #5... and Bad Motor Scooter and
of course Bad Motor Scooter also on Saturday and since I party with a
bunch of biker chickes that recognized me on Thursday from gigs in Sacto,
I hooked up with themon Thursday while my husband rested and I am Glad
you did Bad Motor Scooter for them on Saturday night. They have your
towel with skid marks of Lee's cake from Friday and by the way that cake
rocked .. Best chocolate cake I ever had... ..We tore it up Cabo
Style... Thanks for a great time.. Here's my photos.. (see the photo page)

Katina Whalen
Lead Vocalist
Nothin Personal
Sacto, CA


For all who did not get the chance to go to Cabo this year. I would say , start saving your money now for next year. I have been to many Sammy concerts before and they always kick ass! You just need to go to really see what its like.
I am not trying to brag but I got a chance to meet Sammy Thursday night in his restaurant. He came across with the same realness he dose on stage.Sammy, I will always remember how nice you were to me . I am proud to be a Waborat!

Nick from Illinois
p.s. Go Cubs!!!