Past Event

Aug 20 2003
Mystic Lake Casino
Prior Lake, Minnesota


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Mike Neveu for the set list!



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 3  Redhead Comments

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The boys from NIGHTRANGER showed up for the show too!didn't play
Dry property!!! Didn't stop me from making WABORITA'S and putting them in blueberry soda bottles!
Sammy even had one onstage!

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I have to disagree. Mystic Lake has great acoustics and great sound. It's an awesome place to see a concert! I would've killed to see Sammy play there :D

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Hello Red Heads!

Last night I saw one of the most energetic and fun shows I have seen in a long time. Of course, that's always the case when I see Sammy live. But last night there was something special going on. First, they opened up with some sound problems but it wasn't horrible. They did the cover of Dylan's "Stoned" and it sounded really cool. Something happened though when all of a sudden the opening guitar riff of Runaround hit and out jumps Mikey on the bass. He looked incredible and the crowd really welcomed him back. I almost had a flashback to 1995 and the Balance tour. Sammy & Mike & Ed....who is that again? It was great to see Mikey having that much fun out there. Hey brothers VH, take some notes. While you sit at home, you're missing out on a great time.

Anyway, the show was incredible. Montrose was there. I think that more than makes up for any song left out of the set list. I never had the opportunity to hear Montrose live but man I was blown away. Those cats can really play. It's like they were band all the last 27 years. Ronnie is just incredible on the strings. The Electric Church can zoom on the bass. Denny was strong on the kit. I hope they do some new stuff, it would be amazing.

Mystic Lake Casino is NOT an ideal place for a concert. I hope the next time Sam comes through the Twin Cities area, it's at a place you can least get a beer. Plus the seating was kinda lame. But it really doesn't matter. I was up front, I always will be, no matter the cost.

Sam, great shot at Diamond Dave. I thought I was gonna piss.

Keep on rockin' and come back REAL soon.
Jason 5150