Past Event

Aug 27 2002
Meadowbrook Farm
Gilford, New Hampshire


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened


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As a 33 year old who spent the 80s wearing out my Diver Down and 5150 tapes, I had no choice but to get up to Gilford on a Tuesday night to see what Sammy and Dave could do. 2 days later, with my voice still gone, I feel 15 years younger, and want to extend my thanks to two of the greatest showmen in Rock and Roll history.

Dave started things off right with Hot for Teacher, setting the tone for what was to be my favorite concert of the year. Despite some equipment problems (can anyone say 'Feedback"?) in the beginning, Dave kept at it and caused me to marvel at how a man of his age, who has seen all he has seen, can still come out in top physical shape and give it all he's got for a bunch of New Hampshire fans. By the end of his set, I was in the front row screaming "Diamond Dave" like it was 1984. From the high kicks to the mike stand twirling to the smile and affection he showed for his fans, Dave proved he still has every bit of the charisma and talent that took him to the top. During Ice Cream man I swear I thought half the people in the audience were crying from joy.

The Red Rocker continues to prove that he is one of the most talented performers in Rock. Most of today's bands cannot hold a candle to what the Waboritas can do musically, never mind the showmanship. Sammy's warm adoration of his Cow Hampshire fan base was reciprocated with love from all the way back on the lawn. Sam went out of his way (as usual) to connect with the fans, touching hands, wearing coats and shirts tossed on stage, signing them and throwing them back to the owners. He made us all feel like Gilford, New Hampshire was the center of the Universe. And for Sammy fans, it was. Sammy hit all the high notes, jammed on all the chords, and sang with the passion for the music he has always shown. My last VH concert was the 5150 tour in Worcester, and I thought the Waboritas sounded better than that show. Thanks to Victor, Mona, Jesse and David for honoring the music of my youth and making me feel 18 again!

In the parking lot, the general consensus was that Sammy clearly rocks the hardest. However, I found myself insisting to any and all who would listen that Diamond Dave should not be dissed. Say Sammy was better, its probably true. But give it up for Dave, the wackiest guy in rock who can still bust it out!

Love and Affection,

Steve from Nashua, NH


What makes a great performer live? What gives a band longevity? I say being in touch with the fans. But- I'm an idiot. Hear me out--- Some bands survive by being there from the start, when rock music was born. Like the Stones or McCartney. But is Mick Jagger in touch with the fans? I don't think so. It's just that baby boomers still go because thier still there. And I'm glad thier around. It reminds us of being young, with no kids, getting a buzz, staying up all nite. Sammy Hagar is so in touch you can feel it and believe it! He wants to party with YOU! He still makes you feel young and energetic. He wants you to keep up with him. The Waboritas are part of the web. You can't help but be caught. Sammy has evolved and taken the Redheads with him for the ride. He still produces fresh and exciting music and constantly gives life to his and theVan Halen classics of his era. Lots of band put on great shows (KISS, STONES,)big shows. But when your at a Hagar show you leave saying DAMN -I can't wait til' it's my turn on the Cantina bleachers! His voice is flawless and strong as ever and the band is clear and powerful. You all know about the hits and he played all that he could squeeze in. Ninety minutes is not enough. Sammy is the Jimmy Buffet of hard rock music. He truly loves the people who have given him lifes opportunities. Can't wait for him to be back!! But please come alone.

I'm sure when you were young your parents said "if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything"---well don't start listening to mom now! I am a fan of both versions of Van Halen. Right place, right time-- twice. David Lee Roth is not in touch with the people. Dave is in touch with Dave. Don't get me wrong -He did a good job. His voice was a bit rough at times, but he seemed none to thrilled at the start of the show-but as it went on he fell into a groove that made it fun for him and the fans. Most of the tunes were from the first two Van Halen albums with hits from the ones that followed. His cover band was good but one of those boys back up vocals was scary flat. It was great hear the tunes, but it would be interesting to see some freshness and evolution from Dave. I guess he has gone down that road with the Vegas thing, the mature thing and this seems to be working best right now. Especially when your involved in one of the top 10 grossing tours of the summer.There--I can't be much nicer than that.........

All in all a very fun nite of rock and roll boxing. Raise a shot of Cabo and Sams' glove high--- Mas Tequila!!!! Waitress!!!!

-Bruce T


Went to see the tour last night in Gilford, NH. Dave opened and butchered the first have of his set, but he bounced back on the second have and they sounded pretty good. He acted like he didn't know what to do with himself onstage. He showed me one thing though I never want to see him with Van Halen again.
Sammy was awesome not one bad song. Rocked through his whole set. I wish he played longer. I can't wait for him to come back without an opening act so he plays for another 2 1/2 hrs. Oh and Dave you are an opening act and nothing more.



Last night in Gilford N.H. my husband and I saw the supposed Heavyweights of Rock and Roll. No contest. The only heavy thing about David Lee Roth is his ego. Let me state right off that I am a Sammy fan although I liked Van Halen with David Lee Roth also. David Lee Roth just doesn't have it anymore, period. He just strutted around liked a shiny peacock. Sammy was great as usual. Full of energy and very connected to the audience. Nothing seems staged, he is just all over the place signing autographs and putting on shirts and hats that people have thrown to him. I don't think I've ever seen another performer sign autographs for people all during a show. Great night.

We are going to Cabo Wabo in October, I can't wait.