Past Event

Aug 20 2002
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened

Thanks to Matt H. for the set list!


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..and the winner is....Sammy Hagar by Knockout!!
I love both Dave and Sammy. Going in I felt Sammy was the underdog. Let's face it, although Sam is the better singer, the Dave era songs have the edge. Dave sang better today then he did in 1984. Yet, there was something missing. Van Halen. When Dave was onstage, I missed Van Halen.
When Sammy was onstage; I didn't. I enjoyed every song Dave did, his band was great. But, it wasn't Eddie, Mike and Alex. Sammy had much more energy. I've seen him solo 3 other times. He wasn't trying harder, trying to beat Dave. He just beat him, he puts on a better show. One thing Sammy has done every time I've seen him (with or without VH); he makes you feel like your a part of it. He's performing for you, not to you. He's not an act, what you see is what he is. Sammy's band is great, always has been. I'll take Vic Johnson over Brian Young any day. Granted Brian has a tough job; he's a puppet. He doesn't do one original thing night after night. We have all seen people play like Eddie. At the end of the day, it's not Eddie. One would think you would prefer to hear "Runnin' with the devil" over "When It's Love". When "devil" was over, or any other Dave song, I cheered. When sammy's songs where done, I felt something much more, can't explain it. When the show was over, I got in the car looking for my mixed Sammy era cd, not the mixed Dave era. Both guys were great, if there is a competition, Sammy wins, easy. Anyone who went in with an open mind, not a prejudged opinion will feel the same. Now all we need is a Van Halen record and tour. Honestly, I don't care who sings,mickey mouse, Sebastian Bach, David Coverdale, I miss Van Halen, I miss Eddie. If there is going to be a reunion, it has to be Sammy.



PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 8/20/02

Terrific show for both Sammy and Dave!

After reading all the reviews for previous shows, I had a preconceived notion that Dave was going to be terrible. To the contrary, Dave was spectacular. His guitarist was unbelievable and Dave's singing was better than I had anticipated. His antics were terrible. He has no class and has a total disrespect for the audience. If you didn't have to look at him, the show would have been even better. Does he look in the mirror before going on stage? He should get with the times and wear some normal clothes. He is stuck in a time warp that is circling the early 80's.

Sammy was very very good. A true party atmosphere. I knew it would be tough for Sammy that night. I am 32 and thought I was the youngest person at the show. The crowd was older and was really into Dave and the early VH songs. Sammy came out a bit slow but then took everyone in the palm of his hand, and on stage. What about Victor Johnson? He is very good, but had a hard time with all the VH solos. At one point, he even looked at the camera while trying to perform one of Eddie's solos and gave a look as if to say, "I'm trying, but can't get there".

My wife and I had a blast. It was the first time she had seen either Sammy or Dave and figured it would be her last chance and closest opportunity to see these guys. We would see them again if they ever came around to the NY/NJ area in the future. However, I don't blame Sammy if he doesn't want to be seen with Dave anymore. His attitude was present and emanated through the crowd. Hey Dave, lighten up and get new pants.

- Robert S.


The last time i sent this site a review was 5 years for the MTM tour. So here we go again!

DAVE First (I'll be brief)
Excellent set list. Below Average sound. The whole list sounded muted. I thought Brian Young played all songs well EXCEPT Yankee Rose. I guess the Punks don't cover Vai. I was 5 seats away from a girl who had the JD bottle dumped on her by dave! My friend and i were reaching from the second row for high fives from dave til he stared touching himself...Then we were like screw that!! Dave would have been more enjoyable if
the sound was better


It took me 24 hours to compose myself for this review! I had second row seats and sammy made my night. Kicked right through SHAKA, Runaround, and 3 Lock Box. During his ending solo to One Way To Rock he threw out his pick and i caught it. Then he rocked out Top of the
World and Right Now. During the last minute of Best of Both Worlds. Sammy came back to me to and took my FDNY hat and wore it for the rest of the song! He was supposed to keep it, but through it back to the crowd. Luckily i got it back! After killin us with WCTBL, FWYS, Eagles, 55 and Metal. Sam then went into Mas Tequilla. It was during this song Sam finished off my amazing night. A minute or two into the song he came
to me and signed my copy of RED Voodoo i had been holding all night. Sam signed at lease 5 peoples things. As opposed to DAVE who took someone record on stage and rubbed he ANUS on it. WHAT A JACK off. The encore of When its Love and Dreams was a perfectending to a once in a lifetime night for me! Only a man like Sammy is so selfless that he would come over to the same person on 3 different occasions in one

I hope everyone out there can get out and experience the true caring that Sam has for his fans!

-Matt H.


I've been reading the posts on this site and I had high expectations for the tour. I had seen Sammy with VH and solo over 20 times, so I knew what he was capable of: Very consistent singing and performing. As for Dave, I had seen him just as much, but most recently in November for an embarrassing half-effort in Philly, where he was wasted and lewd. This being said, I tended to agree with the Sam fan club on who'd come out on top. I even prepped my buddies not to expect much from Dave. I am not sure what 'round' this bout is up to, but whatever it is, give this round to DAVE!!!!! Dave led off and came out blazing in his purple lame' spandex suit. The kicks were lower, but still there. The hair is something Phillis Diller wouldn't dare wear, and the voice was better than past tours. The setlist and showmanship tonight were top notch. Aside from the crude jerking-off routine with JD during Mean Street (and leaving out the 3rd verse of the song) Dave could do no wrong by the NJ crowd and it was 84 all over again. CRADLE, LITTLE DREAMER, DOA, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, SO THIS IS LOVE, ATOMIC PUNK......pretty much everything 'cept UNCHAINED and LITTLE GUITARS. Via the vid screen we could see the classic Dave grins, kicks and swordsmanship, as
well as some crazy ass video filled with midgets and scantily clad babes with gas masks on. Dave was non-stop, 90 minutes of 20 or so of the best VH can no longer offer (unless one of them gets off their ass!) DAVE WON RIGHT THERE, in my mind, but I'd give Sam the benefit of the doubt.

First mistake was opening with the less-than-popular SHAKA DOOBIE. From there, however it was Sam's VH set.There was RUNAROUND, TOP OF THE WORLD, WHY CAN'T THIS BE LOVE and BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, to name a few. He had 32 lucky fans onstage for the show--a classy move, as always. He wore every hat and opened a few banners. He did EAGLES FLY for the 100th time and NJ didn't want
to hear it. (Pick a new acoustic song, ok Sam!) Sam has put on a few pounds and better go easy on the drink, since I feel it made his show a bit sub-par. He seemed a bit winded at the end, which was just about an hour long, before the 2- song encore of DREAMS/WHEN IT'S LOVE. I don't mean to Sam-bash and being that this is his site, it may not even be posted. I didn't expect Sam to play all VH, I had seen the setlists. But, he did fail to maintain the momentum of Dave's set and his choice of songs could've been better, not to mention his set's length. Swap in OUNDCAKE, 5150 and SUMMER NIGHTS (since it was an AUGUST EVE) for EAGLES and DOOBIE and maybe we'd see a better set.

Lastly, I still can't believe DAVE is being a pussy and not coming out for an encore with SAM. Would it kill him to go an extra step for the fans? THANKS TO BOTH SAM AND DAVE FOR GIVING US THE ONLY VH WE WILL SEE FOR AWHILE, UNLESS SOME BROTHERS WE ALL KNOW COME TO THEIR SENSES.



I had won First Row Center Tickets on WDHA radio and was totally psyched!! Dave was supposed to start at 7:30 and nothing was happening till 8:00..It was worth the wait ..... Dave opened the show with Hot for Teacher..He was in excellent shape..He can still totally rock..It all sounded great too me..The only complaint I have is that he did not interact with the crowd ....AT ALL!!!!....No High Fives.......Never coming near the fans at tips of stage (Center,Middle, or Left) Hot Chick next to me shows him her big beautiful breasts and he didnt seem to even budge...Looked at them and walked away...Dave Are You Gay??.I mean if you are fine....The girl was so crushed she left and didnt even stay for Sammy's show...What was good was that he went right into the next songs..Not Talking at all...Just 100% Rocking out.......Band was tight...He played exact same set list as all others listed i! n other reviews...He definitly is still talented enough to play with Eddie and the boys again...And I really didnt think he was gonna be that good before I went to show..He deserves an A+ for looks and sound ...But an F for Personality and Fan Participation......Sammy was very very good..He interacted with everyone in front rows and all around the stage..Smacking hands..Passing out drinks..Singing along with them..very much a people person...Voice was totally awesome..he didnt hold back at all...He wasnt afraid to go after those high notes in any of the songs...Most artists usually let the fans do it or find another way around it...Like Jon Bon Jovi for instance...Sammy's guitarist Victor Johnson was absolutely amazing and I am not over exaggerating a bit...He blew me away...Mona added a classy touch to the back up vocals...David never let up on the drums. He never looked exhausted. He kicked ass...Jesse seemed like he was having alot of fun out there on the keyboards which ! is great to see at a show...So Sammy gets an A+ All AROUND.....I am so glad he kept doing the shows with Dave and didnt back out or go on without him...because I know Sammy's been pissed on more then one occasion with him..He stuck it out because he is just a Great Great Professional Rocker and I thank him for that..Anyone else like Eddie Van Halen for instance would have backed out of it all ....and the only people that suffer are the FANS..Thanks Sammy for being Sammy and giving me the best concert experience of my life...

Chaz From New Jersey


Holmdel NJ - August 20 - PNC Bank Arts Center !

Just a quick review and A HUGE thank you!

I have to tell you all that I have been to many concerts in my day but....... I was never IN A CONCERT before! Not only was I at the show, but I was in the show ! Yes that's right ...IN THE SHOW! I was fortunate enough to be a contest winner and I sat in the stands on the stage and witnessed the coolest perspective of a rock concert ever !

I had so much fun I felt compelled to write to you and thank you Sammy, the band, the crew, and everyone who developed this incredible contest. Thank You - Yes I was one of the chosen few who sat on stage in the grandstands. To have the redrocker himself (one of my all time heroes) stepping all over my toes, soaking me with wabboritas as I sang, cheered and slapped him many high fives was an experience I will cherish forever !

The crew was so professional, the way we were escorted through the venue to the back of the stage, how we were treated and what we all witnessed was the coolest!

We were filed backstage into the grandstands (kinda ike a school class trip when you were a kid) as Sammy and Mona greeted us, all the while observing all the backstage operations that were taking place us all pumped up out of our minds - the energy was unreal !

To see the band take there spots on stage high fiving each other plugging in there instruments and getting each other pumped up before the curtain was dropped was an incredible perspective on its own, but to see every keyboard tap, every bass drum thwack and to hear the sound on the stage through the monitors as the musicians do was more than I could have dreamed and if that isn't enough, to be blinded by the lights while looking directly out to the crowd from the stage while the band threw us picks, drumsticks, high fives, waborittas, hugs, smiles and then to actually walk out on the stage and sing some back ups into the mic during the encore was more than I could take .... I haven't slept since !

This was a fantasy ....a was serious JUJU man ! This band is the most pleasant, happy, professional group of musicians in rock and roll today without question ! The way they interact there energy and how much they love what they do and the respect and love they have for one another and their fans is so evident that it brought a tear to my eye and has inspired me in a whole new way!

This kind of appreciation of the fans, to developed this contest and to allow people like us an opportunity to be involved in this way is the coolest thing any musician has ever done ...what a killer idea this was ! Sammy you and the band rule ! Thank you so much for this incredible experience !

Thank You
Blackie and Skins !

PS - Please post the review and photos of the show soon ! I cant wait !