Past Event

Jun 21 2002
Crickett Pavillion
Phoenix, Arizona


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened

How do you like having your drinks served? Answering that question goes a long way in defining whether you're a Sammy Hagar fan or a David Lee Roth devotee.

Sammy's way: the Red Rocker mixes up the Waboritas, pours them into cups and hand-delivers the drinks to his fans (with a high-five and a, "Pass it down, buddy! Share the love!")

Dave Roth's method: Diamond Dave swaggers to the edge of the stage, shoves a whisky bottle down the front of his sequined pants and thrusts his hips at the crowd, spilling a few drops of Jack Daniel's on the stage. (Translation: Fuck you. Thanks for buyin' a ticket.)

Sammy Hagar can be my bartender any day.

I saw the show June 21 at the Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix. How the two men served drinks sums up their concerts.

Sammy was all love. All energy. All fun. His voice was strong and the set list hit all the good stops along the way. The series of songs with Michael Anthony blew me away. Bringing out "5150" was an unexpected bonus. I've seen Sammy a dozen times and not once have I regretted the cost of the ticket. This was no exception.

This was my second DLR show. The first one (Skyscraper tour) left a bad taste in my mouth. Diamond Dave didn't redeem himself in Phoenix. The attitude's all there, of course. Took the man all of the "Hot for Teacher" drum opening to walk from backstage to center stage. (Apparently, we were supposed to be basking in his presence.) Once upon a time, Dave's attitude was forgivable. After all, it ain't bragging if you can back it up. Well, if his Phoenix show indicates how he backs it up these days, the man's nothing but bluster and nonsense. He forgot words. He repeated himself (I think he sang the first verse of "And the Cradle Will Rock" three times). It was piss-poor.

Don't dismiss me as a Dave-hater, either. I had high hopes going in. Reviews said his band mimicked VH pretty well. And they did. The weak link, though, happened to be holding the microphone.

I don't regret going, either. Whenever Sammy and the Waboritas come to town, I'm there. Dave had talent, and I truly believe he still has much to offer musically. But the time has come to retire the sequins, stop pretending it's 1982 and sing something that suits his voice.

By the way, Dave. I'll take a pass on that drink.

And, Sammy. Next time you're in town, I'll buy the first round.

Thanks to Todd E. for this review!


Went to show with my boyfriend and we had a blast. Sammy opened up and made a party out of the evening. They were having fun! I am now truly a "Redhead" Sammy made a great evening with boyfriend better by letting us all let loose and have a good time.

Then DLR came out. He was uptight trying way too hard to be 21 and not enjoying the life that is NOW. He seemed to loosen up when they played Dance the Night Away, but not long after that song we were back to the uptight person he was before. The band was on, but they didn't seem to be having a good time with each other and that was obvious to the crowd. Bottom line - great weather, good waboritas!, Sammy & band (don't forget Mike) were great, it was good to see DLR-but-Dave lighten up-didn't you say life's a party?

Thanks to Joy for this review!


Well I was at the June 21 performance at the Cricket Pavilion. I am the biggest Sammy Hagar fan that ever lived so my opinion is a little biased. However to accompany me on this trek were two newbie's to the world of Sammy Hagar. We got into the concert and you could just feel the energy. Sammy took the stage and it was electrifying, the whole crowd stood up,hands were in the air, everyone seemed to be singing( I lost my voice for a week). Michael Anthony came out and that was it,the perfect concert.

Then David Lee Roth took the stage, Sammy charged us all up, but we could count on Dave to calm us all down. He looked bad, he sounded bad, and he performed bad. Now he did have a great sounding band. But the old Dave of the high kicks and the banshee screams has now left us. Ah oh well Sammy had a great time and that's all that matters!

Oh and the two guests that went along.....They are now Red-heads! I had to make them each a tape the very next day! Sammy Rules!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mark for this review!


All I can say is Sammy ROCKS! There was not a doubt before, and Phoenix was no exception ... Hagar kicked ass! David who ???? It's hard to improve on Sammy, but we were treated to Michael Anthony who joined for a few sets of VH songs .... it made for a great Friday under the warm stars of Cricket Pavillion and Phoenix.

It was quite a show with Sammy, and a laugh fest even attempting to watch Dave - can he even remember the lyrics to his own songs? Please, Dave is an old washed up, wanna be who just doesn't have it anymore. He was great in his time ... but his time was YEARS ago, he's ready for his retirement home.

Sammy was great before VH, during VH, and even now after VH ... he is an inspiration to all loyal 'redheads'. Keep on rockin' and see ya in Cabo!

Thanks to Andrea for this review!



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