Past Event

Jun 22 2002
Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion
Devore, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened

I just want to say thanks to Sam and Dave for giving us these concerts of performing together , something that millions of VH fans thought this would never happen. We get the best of VH from both of these guys. The voices that we grew up listening to. Half DLR and the other half SH. Which side is better is real hard to figure out. It depends what we grew up with I believe. I grew up listening to DLR era VH and like it more than SH era VH and vice versa. A lot of fans like the SH era more than the DLR era and thats cool too. The boys got together basically for us (the fans) because any reunion with VH is not in the works at this time regarding either singer. Its great to hear all these songs LIVE once again and its us the fans that are getting knocked out. I was at the Devore show and I got knocked out by both shows. Couldnt ask for anything more . Roth sounded great with his b! and and so did Sammy. It's more or less a draw when they perform together. Everyone is going to have their own favorite and so be it. Thanks Sam and Dave once again because they are both kicking ass. Later.

Thanks to Mando Leyva for this review!


Roth got knock the fuck out! Sammy put on the best show I think ive ever seen,ive seen Van halen in 1978 and haven't missed a tour yet, seen Sammy five times since the split, IM the biggest Van Halen fan on earth, and this show was the best, Sammy is having a blast up on stage,Roth is trying way to hard, they sounded like a cover band, it was a TKO.

Thanks to Scott Mitchell for this review!


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