Past Event

Jun 16 2002
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion
Houston, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened

I’ve been a fan of DLR from the get-go with Van Halen and a fan of Sammy for just as long. I loved both versions of VH, so I was truly excited about this show. DLR opened the show at 7:30. I have seen him several times solo, and would have expected him to play more of his solo material, but I was pleasantly surprised with his choice of songs. He could not have chosen a better set list. He obviously was catering the show towards the “true” old VH fans. Latecomers in the VH game probably didn’t know hardly any of the songs he played. But for myself, (a huge old-school fan) I thought it was awesome! He did a great job. The band was pretty good too. My only real complaint was the guitarist playing Eruption. He just didn’t need to go there. I guess I also was a little disappointed that we didn’t get a back flip during Jump. But overall, this was the best solo appearance that I have seen Dave do. Great show!

As for Sammy, I saw him last year in a smaller venue and he was great then (and I've seen him each tour of VH), so I had high expectations of this years show…..he definitely lived up to everything I expected. His set list was great. It was a perfect mix of his own solo material and VH material. I guess the real difference between Sammy and Dave is that Sammy has had a very successful solo career before and after VH. Dave’s solo material is good, but it just isn’t like Sammy’s. The biggest thing about Sammy’s show is the energy! I don’t know how that man does it! I was exhausted from just watching it. There was never a dull moment. The band was so good too. This is the best ensemble Sammy has ever put together in my opinion. (outside of VH)

So, who was the Heavyweight champ of the evening? Sammy! As good as Dave was, Sammy took the belt. I think that the majority of the fans were there for Sammy and I would have hated to see what they might have done if Dave had been the closer. I’m afraid that there would have been a few empty seats. Sammy’s show just looked more like a headline act than Dave’s. One of the greatest moments of Sammy’s show was when a fan passed some boxing gloves up to be signed and Sammy says, “I think I’m doing a pretty good job without these.” I think a lot of fans “missed” this, but he was obviously referring to the battle between him and Dave.

Great job for both, but outstanding job for Sammy!!!!!

Thanks to Steve Grant for this review!

Thanks to George Melissinos for the set list!



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