Past Event

May 7 2002
The Fillmore
San Francisco, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Darin Chace for the set list!



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I think the ability for Lars and Hammett to play onstage while James was in rehab was very good for both their souls. Great moment with my favorite singer and half my favorite band.

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i have not missed any bay area/surrounding area sammy show since I've started seeing sammy on the voa tour and , except for the opening of the cabo wabo 4/12/90, this was the best set i've ever seen by sammy.

- darin chace


Believe it or not, the Sammy Hagar show at The Fillmore (05/07/02) last night was the BEST show I have ever seen. and to think I wanted to trade my tickets for the 6th and 7th for tickets to the Cinco de Mayo show on Sunday.

From the moment he opened the show with "Red" all the way through the continuous 90-minute first set followed by and awesome 3 song encore, Sammy Hagar KICKED ASS!! If The Fillmore were a planet, it was DEFINITELY on fire!! Maybe it was the topless and sometimes NAKED cocktail waitresses who served WABORITAS to the band members on stage and the UPFRONT FANATICS who were poised next to the stage barricade.

Then again, maybe it was Michael Anthony joining Sammy and the Waboritas on stage for 5 ("5150", "Why Can't This Be Love", "Finish What Ya Started", "Poundcake", and "Top Of The World") Van Hagar songs. Perhaps it was Lars Ulrich and Kurt Hammett from Metallica joining the band on stage for a tribute to Montrose which included "Space Station #5", "Rock The Nation", "Bad Motor Scooter" and "Rock Candy"?

All that sounds good. However, the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was without a doubt the moment Sammy Hagar stepped forward (during the encore) to the edge of the stage were a TRUE FAN had been ROCKIN' all night, and handed that lucky fan wearing a red t-shirt and red doo-rag the mic and allowed him to sing the complete last stanza to ICD55:


When I drive that slow, you know it's hard to steer.
And I can't get my car out of second gear.
What used take two hours now takes all day. Huh!
It took me 16 hours to get to L.A.
Gonna write me up for goin' 125.
Post my face wanted dead or alive.
Take my license, all that jive--I CAN'T DRIVE 55!
No, no, no, I can't drive 55!

I can't drive 55!
I can't drive 55!
I can't drive 55!
I can't drive 55!


After completing my duties on the mic, I was rewarded with a High-5 from Sammy and a rousing round of applause and High-5's from the audience in my general vicinity. INCREDIBLE!!!! When I went to the show, all I wanted was a Waborita and a High-5. What I got was something much more. My years of attending rock concerts has finally been VALIDATED!!

I am so "STOKED" right now, I might go back to work. On second thought, I am going to The Dixon May Fair and then off to The Hard Rock Cafe--Las Vegas for the next 3 shows on the Sammy Hagar Tour.