Past Event

Jul 17 1999
Rockfest '99
Cadott, Wisconsin


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

let me just say that i was not a real big sammy fan..of course i never gave myself a chance to be...but this year i had my mind set on going to see Motley Crue at my husband and i went up there for the weekend....Sammy was suppose to be the last one to perform Sat. night, but he switched with Poison. 

This meant i had to sit through Sammy to see Poison..  10 minutes into the show i was a diehard Sammy fan..I have never seen a performance like that. Nor have I ever seen a performer who can transform me to liking them sooo much....unfortunately i was back a good 150 - 200 rows...but that had to be the best concert i have ever been to.. and i am proud to say i would see Sammy again anyday..infact..i just found out today that he will be performing about 50 miles from my home on Aug 22 in Merrill WI...I can not wait to attend it...I made a special trip into work today to request that weekend off already..all because of the performance i witnessed at ROCKFEST...ROCK ON SAMMY..

yours truely

A fan for life now

Thanks to Lisa Riedel for the review and Elbert Sutton for the set list!



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My first sammy show...won't ever forget that night.