Past Event

Jun 6 1999
Pine Knob Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Welcome to the Cabo Wabo!! Those words rang loud this past Sunday June 6 as Sammy Hagar and his band the "Waboritas" took to the stage energized and ready to rock the crowd estimated at 12,000. The packed house at Pine Knob wasn't disappointed. Opening with a sort of "unplugged" version of CABO WABO, the band stood in front of a giant banner painted like the entrance to the Cabo Cantina in Mexico. After this spirited beginning they launched into The Revival as the banner was pulled back to reveal the stage. What a surprise for the audience as the stage was designed to look like the inside of the Cabo Wabo Cantina! Complete with about 30-40 people standing on a balcony at the rear of the stage dancing a partying like guests at the club!

Sammy decked out in a Detroit Red Wings shirt and white shorts proceeded to entertain in true RED ROCKER fashion ripping through some VH era tunes (Top Of The World, Poundcake, Right Now, Why Can't This Be Love, Finish What Ya Started) and also classic Sammy solo material including Red, Montrose's Bad Motor Scooter & I Can't Drive 55.

His post VH songs included a rousing Little White Lie, encoring with Marching To Mars, smokin' Mas Tequila, High And Dry Again as well as Shag. Every song they jammed out showed his love for entertaining and his genuine love of his faithfull fans. The evening was a scorcher with temperatures in the 90's that day. Sammy took it upon himself to summon waitresses out on stage to serve him drinks & he in turn followed by sharing some with fans filling up empty glasses in the first few rows with beer and Cabo tequila!! This was an eventfull night as another great show was put on by the man himself. We drove 4 hours to see the show (from Canada) and it was worth every minute. We have had the pleasure of meeting Sammy on a couple of occasions before and he again proved he knows how to put on a show. Thanks Sammy!!

Thanks to Brent Kinnaird for the review and Lisa and Drew Selmek for the set list!



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 4  Redhead Comments

Karlhungus's picture

I had not seen Sammy since he was with Montrose , put some stank right on me , Thanks Sammy !

Butz's picture

The sand they hauled into the parking lot was Great for the beach party. Then the party started, Sammy Rocked our Socks off As Usual, If you wore any !!!!!

admin's picture

Thanks for noticing that error!

artpman's picture

Pine KNOB is in Clarkston MIchigan not Auburn hills, Missouri, thank you