Past Event

Jul 15 1997
Metro Center
Rockford, Illionois




Show 7:00PM.

We arrived at the MetroCentre a little before 6:00pm. We knew there would be 7 of us for the MnG, and had emailed each other getting details of where to meet up. I spotted a big black limo, and knew right away that was Bridget & Rick's. Stu and I crossed the street to the limo, and from there Dave and Lisa found us, and Tim came over to see what was going on. The Limo was a perfect meeting place for us. We were all *so* nervous. It was fun to meet up in person with the other SHML - I like being able to put a face with the name. We all went to the WillCall Window to get our passes together, and everyone's was there. The guy told us to wait, and someone would be by to get us. The waiting was the hardest part. But after what seemed like a *long* time to us, we were escorted back to a dressing room. We all had something we wanted autoghaphed - and we all had our cameras (ok for the MnG, but we did not smuggle our camera in to the concert- didn't want to chance losing it to a guard after getting all those cool mng pix!!)

Sammy entered the room and I think we all swooned just a bit - I had told Bridget if I faint, drag my butt up against a wall for at least one pic with Sammy. He started signing all the stuff, when he walked by me I got to give him a hug & kiss on the cheek. I never thought I'd do something that impulsive -- sure glad I did. Stu didn't get a picture of it - he said I should have told him in advance I was going to do that and he would have been ready - so I can't send anybody a picture of that particular moment - but there will be plenty of pics getting passed around I'm sure cuz we all did have the cameras flashing. Sammy was all smiles, and energetic as hell -- took the time to deal with all of us. He is just soooo cool. (ok, I won't get started on this - I'll never stop - I still haven't come back down to earth yet. Just call me one of those swoony, drooling over-16yr old girls that the guys on the list tend to slam.... :-)

We brought our poster of an eagle flying for Sammy to sign, and I got my 1st issue of the Fan Club Newsletter signed. Also got a couple of cd covers, and the big Marching to Mars cover that they were giving out as you walked in signed. Bridget had her shirt signed - it had a scanned in group picture of a previous mng with Sammy - Moline?- that was cool.

I can't wait for the pictures to get developed. I only took 1/2 of the film, and I really don't want to wait to get these done, but we're having a birthday party on Saturday for Lyndsay so I'll finish the roll then, and get the pix back by Tuesday or so. Will scan 'em in at work, and forward them to Liza, to the PureRedRock girls for the Fan Club Newsletter, and anyone else who wants them.

I'm trying real hard to talk Stu into a Cabo October trip.... Sammy is the greatest Rock n Roll guy *EVER* imho :) Concert review in a separate document as this is getting mighty long.

Thanks to Mary Vitkus for this review!



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