Past Event

Apr 14 1997


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM. This was the rehearsal for the Marching to Mars tour. It included 3 nights. Wed, Thursday and Friday.



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I think the date is wrong here. The comments mention Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - which would have been the 16th, 17th and 18th in April.

For some reason- I have 4/14/97 as a date that Sammy filmed for "Little White Lie" video. I imagine that would have been done in the states?

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Rehearsal Notes:
Here is the lowdown from rehearsals held last week down in Cabo. Sammy and his band played four nights in Cabo. The first two nights were totally free shows. The only limit was they had to close the doors as soon as the place filled up. They took a night off on Thursday and played two sold out nights on Friday and Saturday.
Sammy opened Wednesday night with I Can't Drive 55, Friday night with There's Only One Way To Rock and the Saturday night show blasted in with Marching To Mars, the title track from the upcoming record. The set lists varied widely each and every night. During the middle of the show Sammy attempts to slow the pace down a little with an 'acoustic' set. The crowd was just as loud during that set, however, and it's not really 'acoustic', as he still played an electric guitar.

Included in the sets for the different nights were Sammy solo classics such as One Way To Rock, I Can't Drive 55, I'll Fall In Love Again, Heavy Metal and Three Lock Box. Van Halen songs he included on these nights ranged from Finish What Ya Started to Right Now, Cabo Wabo and Dreams as well as a few others. I have been told he will be adding at least one more VH song to the repetoire of probably about 7-8 songs he has put together to choose from for each show. Sammy also included the Montrose classic Bad Motor Scooter and Good Rockin' Tonight to round out the two hour plus show.

Here are pictures from the show. Click on any picture to view the larger image. More pictures will be up in the next few days. Enjoy!