We Love You Eddie

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We love you Eddie. The music will live forever. - Mike & Sammy

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Sammy, Mike, thanks for the tribute to Eddie. I have seen you guys numerous time here in Canada & US. I slapped you hands, talked to Eddie on the phone, almost had a close encounter with Sam due to his tequila sales rep in Calgary, enjoyed many good times to VH songs. Posted my picts of Vegas 2004 shows on this site, etc. Don't stop, show goes on. In the world of weirdness, I go back to what you guys do, listen to what you put out and say and sing and play, LOVE IT all. My buddy Luke and I watched David Letterman & VH on DL religiously and this guy Don put out this collection on youtube. It made me cry, since Ed's death, nothing else did, but this collection did. Yes, you guys play a big part in this collection. Peace and carry the rock n roll torch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vHL4gyYjnY

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So heartbroken that Eddie has passed :( I had held on to hope that one day I might get to see Sammy and Mike performing with Eddie again...alas, it's not to be..not on this side, anyway. I deeply regret that I did not see VH in concert in either 1986, 1991-92, or 1995, or all three, now there isn't another chance. Don't let chances pass you by in life, there may not be another...Godspeed, Eddie,God bless his family, and God bless you Sammy, and Mike...

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Thank You Sammy and Mike for your music and kind words. Your music lives on. Stay safe in this hard moment. All the best to you and for all your beloved ones. RIGHT NOW all Van Halen fans are together again! Darek from Poland.

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We are all beyond heartbroken to lose Eddie. No words. Sammy & Mike, thank you for keeping the music alive. We need you now more than ever. God Bless you both!

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Your memories will haunt your heart for your lifetime. Chances lost to fate or other cosmic destiny or Gods will. Peace be with you Mike and your families as you grieve his passing.