"Two Sides of Love" - Sammy Hagar (Official Music Video - Upscaled)

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When I wrote this song and presented it to John Kalodner in the David Geffen company, everyone thought it was going to be a huge hit and wanted it to be the first single. It didn't chart very well and the video wasn't an MTV smash surprising to all of us, then came "I Can't Drive 55", the unexpected smash that kicked my career in the ass. sold 1 million records, who would've thought. But it's still a great song. - Sammy

Official music video for "Two Sides Of Love" from the Sammy Hagar release "VOA". 
Guitar: Gary Pihl
Bass: Bill Church
Drums: David Lauser
Keyboards: Jesse Harms
Video Directed by Leslie Libman, Produced by Francie Moore

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I bought this album July 13th 1984 the day it came out!! I couldn’t wait. I was just 18yrs old. I had already wore out his catalog and couldn’t wait to hear the entire album . I had heard ICD55 3 million times prior to the release. I swear back in the day it was so so EXCITING to go to the record store and grab the album you wanted than you couldn’t wait to get home and rip it open to see what the sleeve the record was in had on it i(pictures etc) if anything ? and of course just stare at every inch of the album cover from the front to back. Then drop the needle on it CRANK IT! and than wait for someone in your house to say “ would you turn that shit down” This album should have had 4,or 5 singles I feel…VOA the self title of the album is my favorite!!