Sammy's Red Saint Cocktail Recipe

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Forget about milk and cookies, the Santo Claus wants The Red Saint this Christmas! Created by Sammy, the foremost tequila connoisseur himself. The Red Saint is the perfect holiday drink. 
THE RED SAINT by Sammy Hagar
1 oz Santo Blanco
½ oz Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Redhead Rum
½ oz Sammy's Beach Bar White Rum
1 oz fresh lime juice 
½ oz triple sec or cointreau 
½ - 1 tangerine juice and skin (optional) 
Splash vanilla extract onto a plate then wet rim of a martini glass. Rim martini glass with cinnamon and sugar (equal parts) and a bit of nutmeg. Add ingredients to a shaker. Shake with ice. Pour straight up into your rimmed martini glass. Sip and Enjoy!

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Love the video and recipe. Having trouble finding a place in Michigan to buy products and not enough time to order online.