Sammy's Other HSAS (Hagar/Schon/Anthony/Smith) In Studio

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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Related Album: Sammy Hagar & Friends
Sammy is back in the studio working on a new record with friends. In this video he's joined by longtime friends Neal Schon, Michael Anthony, and Chad Smith and they take a break from recording to joke about all the different forms of HSAS. Hear a little teaser of music in this update from Sammy and the guys. Stay tuned for more updates on Sammy's other friends!

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Can't wait for the new album and hopefully a all ages show in the mid Atlantic region so my 14 year old guitar prodigy can see Sammy. He saw the first Chickenfoot tour in Baltimore when he was 10.

Zman56's picture

I'm with CLWITT, come to the East coast. Florida would be better! I haven't seen you live since VOA at the Cow-palace back home. I keep looking at every tour you have gone on "No Florida" what did you get arrested here once like Cheech & Chong did?

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Sammy u com all the way to st Louis won't u pl come too kc Mo we rock just as hard HSAs hell ya I'm a bay area boy born in Fremont ca that 1976 photo of day on the green nine on a ten scale I was there my brother saw u at the cow palace on the red tour Santa Cruz on the danger zone tour saw u in Portland oregon at the Paramount on the musical chairs tour catch a riseing star for a buck saw u at many day on the green and I must say my favorite show was at the gourg in George Washington on marching to mars u did kama u turned all the lights out laid on your back and f ring blew the gourg away now I'm in Kansas city Mo with my grandkids so Sammy please please come rock us out here in kc I need a red rocker fix bad thanks for all the great times and memoires rock my brother.

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Great to hear the news!Sammy please play some east coast shows.
It is hard to get out west for your shows out there.I know you will pack the house when you play out here!Share the love with your east coast REDHEADS!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Here's a little known fact... The HSAS album is an all Live concert recording! So every time you hear Whiter Shade of Pale, it is live!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Can not wait. THe first HSAS album is one of my all time favs!!!
I have always wanted to hear Sammy cover "Whiter shade of Pale" Live!!!

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My favorite group of all time. Can't wait to hear more from Hagar/Schon. Saw Sammy in Wisconsin in 2012 with a Journey cover band opening. Would've been perfect for some impromptu HSAS.'s picture

hey Sammy: why no celebrations in Italy (or even Europe) ? Make an atlantic crossing, pleeeeeease !

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Sammy never ceases to amaze me! Dude is TIRELESS, and GIVES MORE than any rocker on the planet!!! Pumped about the new project! You are an inspiration to all - keep on keepin' on!!!

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Can't Wait.. Keep On Bring It Sammy !!

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Awesome guys, I can't wait! I still listen to the original HSAS, and always thought of Chickenfoot as a rendition! Its always great to see Sammy with a killer guitarist...Stoked to hear more!