Sammy's Holiday Greeting 2010 and "Santa's Going South For Christmas"

Directed by: Jon Luini
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Usually it is easier to define what is not funny and then skew accordingly. You can go to exaggeration, a common approach to comedy. Or, if you have the genetic makeup by attempting absurd. Just do not get too crazy, or you have to tip the balance in annoying.
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love this song. sooo sammy!!

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Love the song. I want a copy of it to add to my animated light show I do for Christmas.I already have other Sammy Songs programed

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we needed a Sammy Christmas song!

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Finally Sammy has done a holiday tune and it is pure Sammy. Even though I do not celebrate Christmas being a Jewish man, I love the song none the less.

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Nice christmas song Sammy! You should record it and release it as a single on itunes or something or make a christmas album!

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Happy Holiday's Sammy, the Wabos and Chickenfoot Family! With Love from Chicago :o)

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Merry Christmas to Sammy and Family! Please take me with you!