Sammy Hagar St. Louis KSHE Interview - July 19, 2014

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Sammy sat down for a live interview with Favazz from KSHE 95. before the Saturday July 19th Journey Through The History Of Rock tour!

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Great show, great interview. I took someone new to the show this time (after giving him my iPod with your complete library for a week of course). Turns out he knew every song in the show already without the iPod. He loved all your music and just did not realize it was you. And he is not crazy about your other Rocking Roll Hall of Fame partners. He said the show was the best rock show he has ever seen. Best $25 I have spent. Thank you for making it so magical. What you were trying to accomplish with this set list and style was accomplished. Thank you, Tonnie
Now I have to get him to Cabo and let the town show him the old charm of it.

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Great interview! Loved the show that night! SAMMY, Michael, Vic and Jason sounded good and the set list was awesome! My sister and I had a great time at the show like we always do when SAMMY'S in town!!

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You gotta love Sammy, Most down to earth fucker you will ever meet.