Sammy Hagar: RED - My Uncensored Life In Rock (promo #1)

The first in a series of videos with Sammy and co-author Joel Selvin discussing the new book. RED - My Uncensored Life In Rock, out March 15, 2011.
Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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I never have got the chance to read this book, which is having a lot of positive reviews in the literature filed. I think her has been so open in his book, that it has flashed lights to the inners of the rock world and how things work out in this field.

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Okay… I read the whole book in one sitting last night. Yes I do have a life, wife, kids & full time job. I got done reading it about 1 am after putting the kids to bed. I couldn’t find the book at Borders or Target. They said there was some sort of delay. I ended up downloading it by files search instead. I didn’t want to comment until I had read the whole book, and I have to say, I enjoyed the read. I laughed out load a number of times and learned a lot of things about Sammy that I never knew (welfare, early life, struggles in Montrose, etc.) This was just a glimps into one man’s experience in life. But what a life it was!

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Loving the audiobook of 'Red' and will be grabbing the solid real version very soon too. About half-way through, but completely captivated.....written with the incredible amazing open honesty & integrity that is the epitome of Sammy.
Impossible to put down as it will be for anyone, even a non-fan, to not absolutely love this insight into a great man.
Rock-On Sammy!