Sammy Hagar - (Part 2) 2012 Middle Market Summit Interview/Performance w/ CNBC's Becky Quick

Directed by: Arthur Rosato and Jon Luini (edited from the original)
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Sammy was invited to be interviewed and perform at the 2012 National Middle Market Summit. Presented by the National Center For The Middle Market, Ohio State Fisher College of Business and GE Capital, the event also included Warren Buffett, GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell, Democratic political consultant James Carville, Republican political consultant Mary Matalin, and others.

This is part 2 (of 2) featured selections from Sammy's 1-hour event. In this interview with Beck Quick (CNBC's "Squawk Box"), Sammy talks about his inspirations, successes, challenges and advice in business.

Part 1 is available at


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Sammy is a Class Act... IMOP
He has always been a top Quality Type person, If you notice all of the tee-shirts that has anything to do with Sammy, Chicken foot, or even Van Hagar are of great Quality materials. I bought a EVH shirt last yr and what a piece Shit it was, First washing fucking arm ripped out.(new shop rag) You can tell Ed is only after the money end of things instead of making a quality product. Thanks Sammy for being the way you are about Business and treating people with respect and giving back to those who need help. We Donate to a local Drop in shetler every year, they only take in Families with kids only (no kids no drop in). I love giving to them every year and don't want anything in return or even the notice of doing anything.
I own my Own Business and we have never Fucked anyone over/around or Screwed anyone and have built a good thing up from Giving a Quality end product and treating the fair on pricing. we have never had to run a ad, or even have a Number in the phone book, only word of mouth keeps us covered up with work....
Have a merry Christmas and a Rock-en New year!
Peace out!!!!