Sammy Hagar & The Circle - "Mine All Mine" - 2015 Birthday Bash Night 1

Directed by: Aaron Hagar
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A ripping rendition of the Van Hagar classic "Mine All Mine" by Sammy & The Circle is just one of a whole batch of new tunes The Circle will be unleashing at this year's bash! This one from night one - 10/7/15! This is first time this tune has been played since the early 90s!

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Dodgerman5150's picture

I listen to Mine All Mine to motivate me every morning before work so I was happy to see this performance, but Sammy messed up the lyrics. He switched kill the pain/numb my brain. This is not the only time he's messed up the lyrics to a song. Still a great song, just pay attention to the lyrics Sammy and keep rocking!

Nova Wabo's picture

I have always loved this song...THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! I turned 47 this year, and it is a poorly kept secret in my house that I want to spend my 50th by visiting Cabo for the Birthday Bash. Seeing nuggets like "Mine All Mine" being brought out to the stage again only makes me want to go all the more!


jussia056's picture

Uuhh..! Mine All Mine, one of my all time favourites! ThankĀ“s!!

I live in Finland, Northern Europe, so I have never seen Sammy alive even I have been a fan for more then 30 years... Sigh. So, keep doing these videos and recordings! Rock on!