Rock & Roll Road Trip Episode 502 Deleted Scene w/ Rob Thomas

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Check out this deleted scene where Sammy talks with Rob Thomas about his songwriting process.

On this past Rock & Roll Road Trip, Sammy visited the town he grew up in to sit down with Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas. He later surprised his hometown by jumping onstage for an unforgettable rendition of Smooth filling in for the legendary Carlos Santana. 

If you missed the party, catch the re-airing this Wednesday, April 29th at 5:30 PM PT. 

Next week, Sammy heads to the ranch of Ted Nugent for a one of a kind road trip. Ted takes Sammy on a wild 4 wheelin' ride and teaches him archery. The two then sit down in Ted's living room discuss the classics and jam to Jenny Take A Ride. Get more info on Season 5 at

Season 5 airs at 8:30/7:30c every Sunday on AXS TV! Set your DVR here:


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