Right Now 2020 (Van Halen) (Circle @Home Sessions No. 8)

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When I wrote this song with Eddie Van Halen over 30 years ago I had no idea it would be so relevent today. #LetTheMusicDoTheTalking #StopTheViolence #GivePeaceAChance It's episode 8 of the Circle @Home Sessions.

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Where can I get this CWC cap, that Sammy is wearing in Circle@Home Session No 8 (Right Now) ?
It‘s awesome !!!

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I was hoping this song would be used as a message for what is going on with the insanity in the world.this is on all of us(Americans,red blooded,humans,)to look at how we live and except our responsibility for our actions and our kids actions.destroying the world around you to get your way is not the answer,it will just bring more anger and resistance coming your way and your message will be lost.Being cool headed and with alot more common sense of how world works can help get some good ideas talked about and could bring on some peace,not destruction.